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Hutchinson 3G Austria and mobilkom austria Agree to "National Roaming" Contract


With the launch of Hutchinson 3G, Hutchinson customers can use the A1 network for more than UMTS-service, to access telephone service throughout all of Austria.

Hutchinson 3G Austria GmbH, UMTS market provider, has signed a national roaming contract with mobilkom austria; the agreement allows for the use of the A1 network for future Hutchinson customers in the GSM telephone and the GSM/GPRS data transfer segments. This will allow Hutchinson 3G customers to take advantage of the services of the 3G world, in addition to the familiar 2G applications, from the first day on day.

As a UMTS provider, Hutchinson 3G will launch its services in the centers Vienna, Graz, and Linz. Additionally, trusted Voice, GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and SMS (Short Message Service) services of the 2G world and a comprehensive network (98% network coverage) will be available to Hutchinson customers.

"We're very proud to offer our customers complete network coverage starting from the first day," says Berthold Thoma, CEO Hutchinson 3G Austria, of the agreement reached with mobilkom austria. "It's important to us that our customers be able to take advantage of the new 3G multimedia world as well as the familiar 2G world from the very start!"

Hutchinson 3G has pursued the goal of signing a national roaming contract for some time; to this end, the company held talks with all four Austrian mobile communications providers. The current agreement with mobilkom austria was the optimal result for Hutchinson 3G: "mobilkom austria - with the best GSM network in terms of quality, network coverage, and cost - is the ideal partner for this collaboration. The stability of the partner was also a decisive factor," says Berthold Thoma over their motivations. " Not only does mobilkom austria have a professional presence on the market, but with their competence they can also be counted on for technical implementation within the agreed timeframe."

"Without regard to the additional regulatory requirements, in the end it was economic considerations which led us to agree to this cooperation at this moment in time," says Boris Nemsic, CEO mobilkom austria and COO Wireless Telekom Austria, of the upcoming partnership. "With the choice of mobilkom austria as a partner, Hutchinson has clearly spoken out for innovation and quality," Nemsic is happy to say of Hutchinson's strategic decision. "The internationally active business Hutchinson has recognized that mobilkom austria has the best GSM and GPRS network, and for that reason has opted for a partnership." Both partners have agreed not to discuss the financial conditions of the contract.