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Ericsson's WLAN solution to enhance TDC Mobil's GPRS and WCDMA services


Ericsson has signed a contract with TDC Mobil for deployment of a Mobile Operator WLAN system. This will enhance TDC Mobil's GPRS and WCDMA services, offering very high bit rates in strategically located hotspots. Users of laptops and handheld computers will have mobile and secure access to company mail and files at wire-line broadband speeds.

The Ericsson Mobile Operator WLAN system (wireless local area network) enables mobile operators to complement the wide area "always-on" data connectivity of 2G and 3G mobile networks (GPRS and WCDMA) with the higher speeds offered by WLAN in hotspots.

The system allows laptop and handheld computer users to access the Internet and corporate intranets at selected locations. Any laptop or handheld fitted with a WLAN network card can be used, together with all common web browsers. Corporate users can protect their data using a VPN connection and personal firewall to create a secure tunnel.

Access to the WLAN service is secured for all users by leveraging the established security of mobile phones with SIM cards to deliver one-time passwords.

Ericsson Mobile Operator WLAN gives operators new business opportunities using local content tailored to partners with properties such as airports, hotels and cafe's, including systems for revenue sharing and specific access rights for preferred customers. The service profile can be tailored to the individual user, to the
property, or to a group such as employees of a large corporation. A group profile could include mandated secure corporate access.

Mobile operators can reuse the subscriber management, billing, and authentication functions of their GSM systems, enabling a cost efficient extension of the capabilities of the wireless network.

The Ericsson Mobile Operator WLAN system has been developed in cooperation with the Swedish company Service Factory, a leading supplier of WLAN service creation and provisioning systems.