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3 Hong Kong Provides Instant News on WTO Hong Kong Ministerial Conference PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 12 December 2005

In anticipation of tomorrow's commencement of the Hong Kong Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization ("the Conference"), which will be held from 13 through 18 December 2005, the public are eager to update themselves on the Conference's progress and special traffic arrangements. To keep customers always abreast of the latest news of the Conference, 3 Hong Kong especially creates a "WTO News" Channel on its mobile portal.

During the Conference, "WTO News" service can be accessed via "3 News Channel" which provides the latest WTO video news, Live Traffic, Special Traffic News and news alert service. "WTO News" will also be available at TodayOn3, the homepage of the 3 mobile portal. It is a shortcut for 3 Hong Kong users to obtain up-to-date and breaking video news on the Conference around the clock (Remark 1) . To learn about the latest traffic condition, 3 Hong Kong customers can click the "Live Traffic" channel (Remark 2), which features non-stop real-time traffic situation across Hong Kong, such as Gloucester Road, Canal Road flyover, Cross Harbour Tunnel, Happy Valley. In addition, if customers need to learn about new traffic arrangements at any minute, they can browse the "Special Traffic News" (Remark 3) section to obtain the first-hand official updates announced by the Transport Department.

3 Hong Kong customers can also choose to sit back and receive the news by subscribing to "SMS News" (Remark 4) and "Breaking News" (Remark 5). The former delivers on-going news highlights including the latest Conference news directly to users' phones in the text format around nine updates a day by three timeslots (morning, afternoon, & evening) according to customers' preference, while the latter's virtual news anchor will present the hottest Conference news to the users.

3 Hong Kong customers with 2G handsets can also grasp the latest news including Conference's updates and traffic news on an on-going basis by subscribing to "SMS news package". Registration for this service can be completed by either dialing #3331(Chinese) (Remark 6) with mobile or via SMS Daily at

For more information, 3 Hong Kong customers can call customer hotline at 3162 3333 (3G) and 2121 1228 (2G).

1."M" will be deducted for each piece of video news.
2. Video minutes will be deducted.
3. Browsing is free.
4."T" will be deducted for each SMS.
5. Each breaking news SMS alert is free of charge and "M" will be deducted for each viewed news item.
6. Service Subscription via #3331 is free of charge. Each SMS will be charged $1 or deduct 1 SMS from SMS package.

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