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Monday, 10 October 2005

3 mobile today introduced mobile TV. 3 mobile is delivering a host of new programs direct to mobiles including Forget The Rules - the first interactive mobisode where viewers vote for their favourite ending, live Sky Racing, live CNN, ABC Kids, Cartoon Network and the live channel 9 coverage of the Johnnie Walker Super Series.

"Making mobile TV the right experience for consumers is dependent on having technology that supports the fast, clear delivery of TV images as well as showing programs and channels that people want to watch," said Nigel Dews, Director of Sales, Marketing and Product at 3. "The combination of our 3G network, and popular, relevant content that's perfect for the mobile TV experience has resulted in a great service from 3."

Amongst the mobile TV programs from 3 is the world's first interactive mobisode. Forget the Rules is a unique Australian live-action comedy/drama featuring three, 3-minute video episodes per week, available on demand on 3 mobile and also broadcast on pay TV's Channel [V] and the internet. The story follows the drama of the relationships between the three characters in their late twenties, and the final episode each week invites viewers to choose the way they want to story to continue.

Another world first saw 3 mobile customers witnessing mobile TV first hand last week, with live streaming of the Johnnie Walker Super Series - the first time cricket has been shown live on a mobile anywhere in the world. 3 customers could see every ball live on their mobile when Australia took on the Rest of the World in the One Day Series. The live CH 9 coverage will continue when the Test begins later this Friday 14 October.

Apart from the cricket, with mobile TV, 3's customers also have access to live Pay TV channels CNN and Sky Racing. They also can view purpose built mobile TV channels streaming the best from Cartoon Network, Rage and ABC Kids.

Other programs that extend 3's portfolio of successful video on demand television content include, Fox Sports, ABC News, SKY News, Fuel and an array of comedy programs including, The Chaser & clips produced exclusively for 3 by THE COMEDY CHANNEL . The new enhancements have allowed 3 to significantly increase their television offering and create a credible mobile TV service made possible with 3G capabilities.

"3 is committed to providing valued entertainment, sport and news and continues to work with leading content providers to create relevant television viewing in a mobile application," Dews added.

A brief synopsis of 3's exciting new mobile TV programs is below:

Forget the Rules
The very first video mobisode in Australia is an interactive live action drama with three video episodes a week that is simultaneously available on 3 mobile, the internet and pay TV's CH [V].

ICC Super Series
For the first time ever in Australia you can watch live sport on your mobile, with exclusive CH 9 coverage of the Johnnie Walker Super Series when Australia takes on the ICC Cricket XI.

SKY Racing
For the first time in the world you can watch all the horse racing, greyhound racing and harness racing everyday from SKY Racing, live on your 3 mobile. Plus you can check the live odds from the major national totes on your 3 mobile.

24/7 Live news from CNN, the leader in international news available on your 3 mobile.
Cartoon Network For the first in Australia you can see great cartoons from the Cartoon Network channel, watch Johnny Bravo and Powerpuff Girls battle it out on your mobile screen.

ABC Kids
For the first time in the world kids will be forever entertained watching the ABC Kids channel on their parent's mobile.

3's mobile TV programs will be priced under 3's leading and competitive subscription based content as well as most being available on a Pay as You Go basis. 3 were the first to introduce the innovative capped plans for mobile pricing and have continued to price content at the same rate. This has proved so popular that over 65% of customers from 3 access the Planet 3 content portal on a regular basis.

The pricing for mobile TV programs is:
ICC Super Series - $0.50 per/2min or $8 for unlimited live TV for the Super Series
CNN - $0.50 per/2min or $4 per month for unlimited access
SKY Racing - $7 per month for unlimited access including 'near live odds'
Cartoon Network - $0.50 per/2min or $4 per month for unlimited access
ABC Kids - $0.50 per/2min or $4 per month for unlimited access
Forget The Rules - $3 per month for three episodes per week plus wallpaper & ringtones
Rage - $5 per month for unlimited access

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