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Oct - Dec 2005
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22/12/2005   Nokia Supplies its Mobile Softswitch to Hutchison 3G Austria
21/12/2005   Vodafone K.K. Releases 804SH, Stylish Mobile Wallet 3G Model
19/12/2005   ZTE Enters UK Mobile Market
16/12/2005   Nokia 6680 Smartphone now Starts Shipping to Vodafone K.K. in Japan
15/12/2005   Vodafone K.K. to Launch Vodafone Office Mail
12/12/2005   3 Hong Kong Provides Instant News on WTO Hong Kong Ministerial Conference
12/12/2005   Ericsson Chosen by BITE Group as Supplier for 2G and 3G Mobile Systems in Lithuania and Latvia
08/12/2005   Motorola Deploys Commercial UMTS System Enabling VIBO Telecom to Launch Island-Wide 3G Service in Taiwan
06/12/2005   Novatel Wireless Announces PC Card Modem Availability for Cingular's HSDPA Network; Provides Wireless Broadband Access for America's First 3G Network Based upon the Global Wireless Standard - GSM
06/12/2005   Vodafone Sweden Launches TV on Mobile Phone
06/12/2005   Turkeys Stuffed by 3G Technology
06/12/2005   3 and Ericsson Sign Major Managed Services Agreement
05/12/2005   Nokia Powers Eurotel's WCDMA 3G Network in the Czech Republic
01/12/2005   Nokia 6282: High-speed UMTS Performance for 3G Customers in the Americas
30/11/2005   Ericsson and MTN Demonstrate Commercial HSDPA as an Alternative to ADSL
29/11/2005   Connex Vodafone is Expanding 3G Services to 14 Cities
28/11/2005   Nokia and 3 Scandinavia Work Together on 3G Push to Talk
25/11/2005   Ericsson Signs Contract for Hosted Ringback Tones with 3 Italy
24/11/2005   NTT DoCoMo to Launch Location Service for Corporate FOMA Users
24/11/2005   NTT DoCoMo Develops Child-Friendly Handset
23/11/2005   ITV and 3 Announce First Mobile Content Partnership
22/11/2005   High Performance at Low Cost: the UMTS All-rounder, the Motorola E770v, is Available from 1 euro* in Conjunction with the UMTS Per-Minute Package Plus 100 or 200
22/11/2005   Vodafone K.K. 3G Subscribers Surpass 2 Million
22/11/2005   netZAP Awards Contract to Alcatel for Commercial Expansion of its UMTS TD-CDMA Network in Jakarta
21/11/2005   Vodafone K.K. to Offer 804SH Mobile Wallet 3G Handset
15/11/2005   Ericsson selected by Telstra to provide a national 3G/WCDMA network with HSDPA
15/11/2005   Nortel Secures Wireless Network Expansion, 3G UMTS/HSDPA Trials with Edge Wireless
10/11/2005   Vodafone K.K. Releases 703SHf Mobile Wallet 3G Model
10/11/2005   3 Announces Christmas Offers
08/11/2005   SAMSUNG Electronics Presents New Slim Line-up
07/11/2005   The Compact, Jacket Pocket-Sized UMTS Office from Vodafone
04/11/2005   Ericsson to Test HSDPA with Vodafone K.K.'s Network in Tokyo
02/11/2005   Never Miss a Ball or Wicket this Summer with 3 Mobile
02/11/2005   Ericsson Signs 3G Contract Extension with Danish TDC Mobil
01/11/2005   Vodafone K.K. Releases the 703N Leather Touch Design 3G Handset
31/10/2005   Enjoy the Full Range of UMTS Services with the Samsung ZV30 and Samsung ZV10 Vodafone live! Mobile Phones
27/10/2005   Ericsson Brings 3G to T-Mobile in Slovakia
26/10/2005   Vodafone K.K. Expands Global Roaming Service Areas
26/10/2005   A New Way to Build 3G - Nokia Launches New WCDMA Base Station
25/10/2005   3 Launch 3D Real-time Multiplayer Games in UK First
24/10/2005   Vodafone At Home Talk and Web Box: a Fixed Network Substitute for Fast Internet Surfling with UMTS
21/10/2005   Ericsson's 3G Technology in More Than 10 Million Handsets
20/10/2005   Vodafone K.K. Releases the 803T, All-in-one Music Player 3G Model
20/10/2005   O2, Manx Telecom and Lucent Technologies to Launch First Commercial 3G
19/10/2005   NTT DoCoMo Unveils New 3G FOMA 902i Series with Walkie-talkie-style Communication Service "PushTalk"
18/10/2005   Motorola Introduces Next Generation of 3G Handsets
17/10/2005   Vodafone Ready to Launch 3G
17/10/2005   QUALCOMM Strengthens Chipset Offerings for Entry-Level WCDMA Handsets
17/10/2005   Sony Ericsson Extends Walkman Family to Four with First UMTS Music Phone - the W900
17/10/2005   3 Adds Four New Video Mobiles to Handset Range
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