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UMTS Forum and 3G Americas Deliver Global Picture of GSM Evolution to 3G
Wednesday, 10 December 2003

The UMTS Forum and 3G Americas today joined forces to provide a New York City audience with a global picture of the evolution of GSM. This is the first time that the UMTS Forum, the international body promoting the global uptake of UMTS 3G mobile services and 3G Americas, the trade organization promoting the seamless progression of GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS in the Americas, have collaborated to give an update on the global advancement of the world's wireless industry.

New UMTS Forum Report Surveys Global Spectrum Availability for WLANs
Monday, 08 December 2003

A new report from industry body The UMTS Forum provides an in-depth analysis of radio spectrum bands availability around the world for private and public WLANs (Wireless Local Area Networks).

"Downstream" will exceed "upstream" traffic levels on 3G networks by a factor of more than two, predicts new UMTS Forum Report
Monday, 08 December 2003

A new report from The UMTS Forum into the potential impact of real-world mobile multimedia applications on use of 3G mobile radio spectrum has concluded that at least twice as much data traffic will flow to customers on radio downlinks as will be carried "upstream" from users' mobile devices to 3G networks.

UMTS Forum confirms membership of the three ITU sectors
Thursday, 04 December 2003

The UMTS Forum has this week confirmed its membership of all three sector groups of the International Telecommunication Union: ITU-T (Telecom Standardisation Sector); ITU-R (Radiocommunication); and
ITU-D (Telecom Development).

UMTS Forum Recommends More Flexible Licensing Models to Facilitate Smooth and Progressive Advance to Global 3G/UMTS
Friday, 21 November 2003

The successful implementation of 3G in Brazil and Latin America will depend on the quick migration from TDMA to GSM/GPRS/EDGE and the progression to UMTS, which will primarily be deployed in urban areas. Another factor of future 3G success in Brazil and Latin America will be the avoidance of the aggressive auctioning licence models and the adoption of flexible coverage obligations for operators. These were just two of the main messages communicated by Jean-Pierre Bienaim, chairman of the UMTS Forum during his participation at the GSM Americas congress, currently taking place in Rio de Janeiro.

UMTS Forum opens the 3G World Congress and advocates the benefits of W-CDMA for Asia
Tuesday, 04 November 2003

The UMTS Forum, the trade body promoting the global uptake of UMTS third generation mobile services, today stressed the benefits of W-CDMA 3G technology for the Asian market. The UMTS Forum also summarised the key UMTS 3G milestones to date and outlined the significant opportunities which lie ahead.

UMTS Forum Workshop Charts 3G Progress in Europe
Thursday, 30 October 2003

Mobile industry body The UMTS Forum has held a workshop in Prague this week to provide an overview of the deployment status of UMTS Third Generation (3G) mobile systems in Europe and worldwide. Coinciding with the UMTS Forum's 30th General Assembly held in Prague, the workshop - titled "UMTS in the Extended European Union and Neighbouring Countries" - was addressed on Monday by Czech operator Eurotel's Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Terrence Valeski.

UMTS Forum charts mobile evolution options for operators worldwide
Monday, 20 October 2003

Industry body The UMTS Forum has launched a new White Paper that charts the evolutionary options to 3G that are available to mobile operators worldwide.

China will benefit from timely 3G licensing, says UMTS Forum
Tuesday, 23 September 2003

Chinese operators can participate in global opportunity by selecting W-CDMA

GSM lays Brazilian Foundations for 3G
Wednesday, 25 June 2003

"GSM evolution will allow Brazil to harmonise with the global mobile market" says UMTS Forum

The UMTS Forum involvement at the World Radiocommunication Conference 2003
Monday, 09 June 2003

UMTS Forum spectrum experts will be actively involved at the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-03), which starts today. The conference which runs until the 4 July 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland, is a key event on the telecoms calendar - exploring, among other topics, the issue of the timely availability of spectrum for future UMTS/IMT-2000 requirements.

UMTS Gathers European Momentum with Swedish 3 Launch
Wednesday, 07 May 2003

The UMTS Forum welcomes the announcement from Sweden this week of the launch of UMTS services by "greenfield" operator Hutchison under the brand name "3". Bringing the number of European territories where UMTS is commercially available to five, 3's Swedish announcement demonstrates growing momentum for UMTS deployments. Several further launch announcements are anticipated from European operators this year and during 2004, supported by a growing choice of WCDMA terminal designs.

New Report Helps Mobile Operators Assess The Value of IMS
Thursday, 13 March 2003

The UMTS Forum has issued a new report that addresses the technical and service issues facing mobile operators as they consider the business implications of upgrading their Third Generation networks to support IMS: the 'IP Multimedia Subsystem' that promises the integration of real-time and non-real-time IP-based multimedia communications.

M-Commerce Discovery Event Addresses the Market Need for Trusted Relationships
Monday, 10 March 2003

The third in the series of 'm-Commerce Discovery Events', organized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to help companies apply mobile technology to their businesses, will be held at ETSI headquarters in Sophia Antipolis in the South of France on 9 and 10 April as a joint event with The UMTS Forum. This series of seminars is being organized by ETSI Project M-Commerce (EP M-Comm) in various venues around Europe and will cover both financial and telecommunications aspects.

3G providers must understand 'mobile emotion' to succeed
Monday, 17 February 2003

New UMTS Forum research explores our relationship with the mobile phone and makes recommendations to industry for effective marketing of new UMTS services and products

UMTS Forum Elects Jean-Pierre Bienaim as New Chairman
Monday, 03 February 2003

The UMTS Forum has confirmed the election of Jean-Pierre Bienaim, Director of Group Technical Support at Orange, as its new Chairman, succeeding Dr Bernd Eylert, who ends his four year term as Chairman of the Third Generation mobile industry association. The election was confirmed at the UMTS Forum's 28th General Assembly, held in Berlin on 28-30 January 2003.

Mobile Services "Will Justify Investment in 3G" Says UMTS Forum
Tuesday, 28 January 2003

UMTS Forum Chairman Dr Bernd Eylert today expressed confidence that Europes investment in Third Generation mobile phone networks will be repaid by widespread demand over the next ten years from customers for mobile Internet, voice and data services.