UMTS Forum Report 33, November 2003

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UMTS Forum Report 33, November 2003

One of the key issues currently occupying the minds of the UMTS Forum's Spectrum Aspects Group (SAG) is that of the nature of the traffic that will flow across the UMTS networks, and how the characteristics of the expected traffic (especially its uplink/downlink asymmetry) might affect spectrum arrangements. The initial focus of this SAG work is in relation to the possible frequency arrangements for the 2500-2690MHz band.

The SAG group has created a sub-group (the Ad-hoc Group on Traffic Characteristics) to gather information on traffic characteristics. This is a challenging task as there is little historical experience of the varied multimedia, content, messaging and internet/intranet services that will be supported by UMTS. To underpin this activity the UMTS Forum has commissioned this study of the likely characteristics of the traffic that might be offered to the UMTS networks.

The study, by Telecompetition Inc, was undertaken under the active guidance of the SAG Ad-hoc Group, and the work is based on the six services identified if the earlier UMTS Forum Reports on the revenue opportunities for UMTS (UMTS Forum Reports #9 and #13). This Report is a significant input to the ongoing work of the Spectrum Aspects Group, and it will be used alongside inputs provided by the Forum's members and material from other appropriate sources. However, as it is believed that the topic of traffic characteristics is of general interest, the document is being issued as a UMTS Forum Report.