UMTS Forum Report 30, July 2003

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UMTS Forum Report 30, July 2003

Security concerns are among the key obstacles to the full-scale peer-to-peer wireless networks. As wireless communication devices become increasingly ubiquitous and the value of information travelling wirelessly increases, the implementation of security architecture is ever more important.

Growth in wireless security market will be fuelled as complacency and lack of security awareness gives way to growing recognition of the value of precautionary measures to safeguard corporate information. Robust security must be implemented so employees will be able to access sensitive corporate information with minimal risk.

Wireless security represents the joint efforts of several parties, including mobile device vendors, mobile equipment manufacturers, security vendors, wireless operators, systems integrators and consultants, the enterprise itself and, ultimately, the end-user.

More specifically, this report concentrates on the following elements, which are of concern to the network operators and manufacturers deploying UMTS / 3G networks:

  • Network
  • User device
  • Content
  • Service provider
  • Applications
  • Applications