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June 23rd 2000


June 23rd 2000: In a landmark announcement, the Brazilian regulator Anatel has decided that future third generation (3G) mobile multimedia services will be launched within the "core" frequency bands as identified at WARC ’92 for IMT 2000 services globally. Anatel has also confirmed that second generation cellular services will be introduced in the 1800MHz band, as already used by GSM networks in many countries worldwide. In accordance with the recommendations of the ITU, the move fully aligns Brazil with the approach to 3G frequency harmonisation already adopted by most of the world’s regions.

UMTS Forum Dr Bernd Eylert was jubilant at the announcement:

"Brazil’s decision is fantastic news for Latin America - and fantastic news for the rest of the world, too. It’s always been our desire that all the world’s countries should come together to operate 3G systems within a common technical framework and using common frequency bands. Now, with Latin America’s largest country signalling its positive commitment to the ITU’s long-term vision for IMT-2000, we are confident that other countries in the region will follow soon."

Recognising the importance of IMT-2000 in Latin America, the UMTS Forum has been active in the region for the last twelve months, briefing operators and governmental representatives about UMTS/IMT-2000 in a series of workshops and meetings. Brazil’s move echoes a similar decision made earlier this month by Venezuela to adopt the WARC ’92-identified core bands for IMT-2000.

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