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June 7th 2000


June 7th 2000: More than four years of intense preparation by experts from The UMTS Forum has culminated in the successful identification at last month’s WRC-2000 meeting in Istanbul of additional terrestrial spectrum for third-generation IMT2000 mobile communication systems.

Representing all sectors, from regulators, operators and manufacturers to players from the IT and content industries, the Forum played an important role in contributing actively to the success of the IMT-2000 Agenda Item at WRC-2000. The key objective of the UMTS Forum - reflected in the major decisions at the conclusion of the month-long meeting - was to secure the identification, in new footnotes to the Radio Regulations, of at least 160 MHz of global additional spectrum for the terrestrial component of IMT2000.

UMTS Forum Vice-Chairman Josef Huber was jubilant: "This decision is an excellent result for all those persons and organisations who have contributed so much during the past four years. The UMTS Forum is proud to have been able to bring all the players together to support the ITU’s biggest project. We now urge all governments to study these excellent decisions and to begin the necessary planning to prepare for IMT2000/UMTS. Furthermore, the WRC 2000 decisions have strengthened the motivation of the UMTS Forum to continue its work on spectrum issues".

Describing the successful outcome of the meeting as "an excellent result for all of us in the UMTS Forum", WRC Project Group Coordinator Halina Uryga added: "This decision on the additional spectrum for IMT-2000 is extremely important for the mobile industry worldwide and gives the whole IMT-2000 community the confidence to begin the early deployment of IMT-2000 systems in the knowledge that the long term future - and hence the prospects for the sustained success of IMT-2000 - are more clearly assured".

Tim Hewitt, the Chairman of the UMTS Forum’s Spectrum Aspects Group and the CEPT Co-ordinator for IMT-2000 at WRC-2000, also paid tribute to those who helped with the careful and thorough analysis of future spectrum needs. He stated: "The UMTS Forum now has to continue its support for the work of the ITU to ensure that the new bands are developed in a harmonised manner, compatible with the existing IMT-2000 bands. Work is also needed to ensure that developing countries are able to enjoy the social and economic benefits of low cost access to the mobile information society at the earliest possible opportunity."

The UMTS Forum’s "WRC-2000 Spectrum Team" maintained a high profile throughout the whole Conference, co-ordinating briefings to exchange views between operators, manufacturers and also Administrations and to plan actions during the first three weeks of the Conference.

Key results relating to IMT-2000 from WRC-2000 are summarised here:

  1. A new footnote, and associated resolution, identifying the bands 1710-1885 MHz and 2500-2690 MHz for IMT2000 as additional frequency bands for IMT-2000.
  2. A second new footnote, and associated resolution, identifying for IMT-2000 those parts of the band 806-960 MHz which are allocated to the mobile service on a primary basis and are used or planned to be used for mobile systems.
  3. A further footnote and resolution identifying the Mobile-Satellite Service bands below 3GHz for possible use by the satellite component of IMT-2000.
  4. A final footnote and resolution that enable High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) to be used as a platform for base stations for the terrestrial component of IMT2000.

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