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October 10-17 1999

UMTS FORUM MEMBERSHIP STRENGHTENS- First broadcaster to join Forum signals growing commitment to UMTS/IMT-2000 by media industry

Telecom 99, October 10-17 1999, Geneva [Stand No. 1081.039]: Now comprising 188 member organisations from 33 countries worldwide, The UMTS Forum continues to grow rapidly, underlining its role as the leading cross-sector group promoting the successful introduction of UMTS/IMT-2000 third generation mobile communications services to satisfy global market demand.

Demonstrating the fast-expanding international perspective of the Forum, eight new members welcomed at last month’s General Assembly meeting in Bern are Cognizant Technology Solutions (India); MK International (UK); NTT DoCoMo (Japan); RAI (Italy); Raytheon RF Components (USA); Saville Systems plc (Australia); Telesens GmbH (Germany) and Vision GmbH (Germany).

Leading Italian broadcaster and EBU member RAI is the first broadcast member of the UMTS Forum, alongside the operator, manufacturer, standards and IT communities already represented. As UMTS Chairman Dr Bernd Eylert comments:

”It’s a major step forward to have one of the world’s leading broadcasters joining the Forum - signalling the great enthusiasm for the potential of UMTS as a mass-market distribution channel for the broadcast and content industries. We look forward to further broadcasters joining us in the year ahead as the launch of UMTS services draws ever closer.”

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