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October 10-17 1999

UMTS FORUM FORGES AGREEMENT WITH IPv6 FORUM- ”Next-generation” Internet will be key to 3G success

Telecom 99, October 10-17 1999, Geneva [Stand No. 1081.039]: - Cross-industry third-generation mobile communications group The UMTS Forum has announced a co-operation agreement with the IPv6 Forum, the world-wide consortium of Internet industry players founded to promote IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6).

Objectives of the co-operation include:

  • Respective market representation within each others’ organisations
  • Identifying and building new markets for non-voice services and promotion of Ipv6
  • Preparing for future IP-based Value Added Services

A worldwide consortium of leading Internet solutions vendors, Internet Service Providers and research and education networks, the IPv6 Forum’s mission is to promote Internet Protocol version 6 in order to create a higher quality and secure next generation Internet: The ”New Internet”. The IPv6 Forum will raise market awareness by providing worldwide, equitable access to information and technology about IPv6.

The UMTS Forum’s ICT (Information & Communications Technology) Group has already forged links with key players from the IT and content industries, promoting the common vision of UMTS/IMT-2000 as the enabler for tomorrow’s mass market for mobile multimedia services.

With mobile handsets already exceeding the number of fixed Internet devices worldwide, next-generation mobile will play a key role in delivering information, entertainment and commerce services to mass market users. IPv6 technology incorporates a range of key features to permit mobility between services and operators with a range of quality of service options. This ”mobile friendly” architecture therefore provides vendors, service providers and network operators with the possibility of defining and developing IP-oriented applications and services for use in third generation networks.

”Convergence between mobile and fixed telecommunications with the IP world will be critical to the success of UMTS”, says UMTS Forum Chairman Dr Bernd Eylert. ”Through its partnership with the IPv6 Forum, the UMTS Forum brings its broad-based perspective on third generation mobile services that we believe will assist the IPv6 community in creating products and services to meet the global market’s needs.”

”We are very pleased to partner with The UMTS Forum for the joint promotion of the new Internet Protocol version 6”, comments IPv6 Forum President Latif Ladid. ”IPv6 will have a wide-ranging impact on practically every business and educational sector, and by enhancing the Internet’s quality and security IPv6 will be crucial to the convergence of this ’New Internet’ with UMTS”. Ladid continues: ”Deployment efforts, applications, and the business case for IPv6 will be a key focus in defining tomorrow’s products and services.”

For more details on IPv6, please visit the IPv6 Forum Web Site:

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