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July 12th 1999

UMTS Forum elects new Spectrum Aspects Group Chairman - Group is helping to build global spectrum framework for UMTS/IMT-2000

July 12th 1999: Cross-industry group The UMTS Forum has elected Tim Hewitt, Senior Advisor for Spectrum Management Policy in BT’s Group Technology Directorate, as the Chairman of its Spectrum Aspects Group (SAG). He succeeds Josef Huber (Siemens), who was the founding SAG Chairman in 1996.

Tim has been active in the UMTS Forum since its first start in May 1996, and was earlier the Vice Chairman of the SAG. In addition to his new role as SAG Chairman, Tim is also the Forum’s formal observer to both the CEPT European Radiocommunications Committee (ERC) and the CEPT Conference Preparatory Group (CPG) for the forthcoming World Radio Conference (WRC-2000) to be held in the millennium year. The Forum was pleased to learn that Tim had been appointed by CPG as the CEPT co-ordinator for the UMTS/IMT-2000 spectrum issues at WRC-2000, clearly demonstrating the in-depth co-operation between industry and regulatory sectors within the UMTS/IMT-2000 community.

Guided by the previous Chairman, the UMTS Forum SAG produced three important reports setting out the Forum’s position on key spectrum issues. These addressed the overall spectrum requirements for UMTS, spectrum demand per terrestrial operator in the initial phase of deployment and on frequency bands that are being considered internationally as candidates to provide additional spectrum for UMTS/IMT-2000 [UMTS Forum Reports #5, #6 and #7]. These reports have already had a significant influence on the decision-making process within the various regulatory bodies across the world. Under Tim’s chairmanship, SAG is now drawing upon this valuable resource to support ERC’s development of the European spectrum environment and the search for additional spectrum at WRC-2000.

Tim Hewitt comments: ”Spectrum provides the foundations for every mobile radio business and the UMTS Forum is committed to providing strong cross-industry support to those responsible for establishing the right spectrum framework for UMTS/IMT-2000. The industry needs to see adequate spectrum made available, in the right timescales, to allow UMTS/IMT-2000 to grow and prosper. We also need to encourage the licensing of spectrum packages for individual operators that will support the innovative mobile multimedia services that will be the hallmark of the UMTS/IMT-2000 user experience. The bringing together of industry and regulatory viewpoints at all levels within the decision-making processes is the key to success”.

Tim Hewitt joined BT in 1962 (at that time it was the UK General Post Office), and since then he has held many different technical and management roles in the organisation, generally related to the use of radio for a broad range of telecommunications applications. He has worked closely with national governments and regulatory agencies, regional bodies such as the European Commission and with international organisations including the ITU.

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