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July 12th 1999

UMTS Forum elects new Regulatory Aspects Group Chairman - Group to assess terminal circulation & IT convergence issues

July 12th 1999: Cross-industry group The UMTS Forum has elected Thomas Sidenbladh, Director of Government Relations at the Ericsson Group, as the Chairman of its Regulatory Aspects Group (RAG). He succeeds David Barnes (DTI), who was the founding RAG Chairman in 1996. Thomas has been active in the UMTS Forum since its first start in May 1996. He was earlier Vice Chairman of the RAG, and also chairman of the Forum’s ad-hoc Spectrum Pricing Group. He edited the Forum’s first published report, “A Regulatory Framework for UMTS“ and assisted in the editing of several others.

Over the last two years, the UMTS Forum RAG has analysed the regulatory situation for UMTS and other third generation systems, and produced two reports regarding the regulatory framework and licensing conditions for UMTS. These reports have had a significant impact on the decision-making process within the various regulatory bodies across the world, and The Forum has through RAG’s work become an important co-operation partner with the CEPT in third generation regulatory matters including the promotion of global circulation of UMTS/IMT-2000 terminals.

Thomas Sidenbladh comments: “Enabling the global circulation of UMTS/IMT-2000 terminals is an important future work item for RAG. In order to understand better global regulatory issues, RAG will correlate its regulatory recommendations with the regulatory situation of countries outside Europe. The group will be holding a series of regulatory seminars and workshops in other world regions, starting with South East Asia. Another work item is to follow the global licensing situation closely, and also to assess the regulatory impact of convergence between telecom, IT and broadcasting industries“.

Thomas joined Ericsson in 1985, and has worked there in the field of mobile communications systems in a number of different roles where he has liased closely with national governments and regulatory agencies, regional bodies such as the European Commission and with international organisations including the ITU.

Prior to joining Ericsson, he worked for the Swedish Ministry of Industry as Deputy Under-Secretary, responsible for government policy concerning technological research and development, and high-tech industry. He was chairman of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers between 1989 and 1994, and is now chairman of the E+T Förlag publishing house.

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