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December 11th 1998:

Dec 11th 1998, Juan les Pins, France: - At its General Assembly held in Juan les Pins, France this week, the UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) Forum agreed to apply for membership as a Market Representative Partner in the 3rd Generation Partnership Project set up by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in close co-operation with four other regional standardization bodies.
The agreement was presented by Karl Heinz Rosenbrock, Director General, ETSI, acting on behalf of the 3GPP and signed by Thomas Beijer, Chairman of the UMTS Forum.
"The UMTS Forum welcomes the initiative to create a global structure to address technical specifications for the third generation mobile system. This will ensure that future regional standards for this purpose will be consistent, compatible and allow unrestricted roaming and service portability across nations and regions for the benefit of the users and the communications industry as a whole", Thomas Beijer comments.

Karl Heinz Rosenbrock added: "The UMTS Forum is the first Market Representation Partner to join the 3GPP. As standardization should meet real market needs, we in the 3rd Generation Partnership Project welcome and appreciate the high competence of the UMTS Forum that can well be used in order to identify market requirements and thus assist us in our difficult standardization work".

A Market Representation Partner is any organization that has been invited by the Organizational Partners to take part in 3GPP, irrespective of geographical location, brings pertinent competencies, and which:

  • has the ability to offer advice to 3GPP and to bring into 3GPP a consensus view of market requirements (e.g., services, features and functionality) falling within the 3GPP scope;
  • does not have the capability and authority to define, publish and set standards within the 3GPP scope, nationally or regionally;
  • has committed itself to all or part of the 3GPP scope; and
  • has signed this Agreement.

Thomas Beijer further comments: "The UMTS Forum sees the third generation mobile system as an outstandingly important industry venture for the 21st century and we are convinced that all interested companies and associations should join forces and work closely together to achieve the goals".

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