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November 7th 1997: 

Around 300 government officials and spectrum experts from all over the world have accepted an invitation from the UMTS Forum to receive detailed information on the vision, and to take up discussion about future spectrum needs for third generation mobile communications. The system under consideration is UMTS/IMT-2000 and it combines terrestrial and satellite mobile services. 
Thomas Beijer, Chairman of the UMTS Forum says: "The availability of spectrum is a key ingredient for the successful development of the future Information Society. It is important that WRC ’99 continues to build on its earlier spectrum decisions in 1992, and to reach worldwide agreement." 

The Forum has investigated the market demand and spectrum requirements for mobile services in Europe during the next 15 years. The findings show an additional need of 185Mhz for terrestrial and 30Mhz for satellite services after 2005, in order to cope with the increasing number of users and the additional traffic through wideband applications. 

A video illustrated the services and applications which may develop, such as electronic commerce, remote banking services, video conferencing, transmission of electronic postcards and access to database information. 

The UMTS Forum is seeking support to discuss the spectrum requirements at the next World Radio Conference (WRC) in 1999/2000. The Forum expects a decision to be taken at this time. 

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