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Chaired by Antonella Napolitano

The new ITU-R Working Party 8F was set up to deal with the implementation of the WRC-2000 Decisions, the further development of IMT-2000 and the consideration of future systems beyond IMT-2000. The work of WP8F is already underway, it is moving very fast, and many UMTS Forum members are actively involved.

There are 6 "permanent" Working Groups within the working party covering future evolution, spectrum, global circulation, radio technology, co-ordination of satellite issues and issues associated with developing countries.

UMTS Forum members, through several of its Working Groups, will continue to be directly involved in the vision, spectrum, global circulation and developing countries activities, and will maintain an awareness of developments in the Technology and Satellite Groups as well.

In addition to the formal Working Groups, WP8F makes use of ad-hoc groups to deal with specific issues. Some of these may also occupy the time of UMTS Forum members.

The 3GPP Co-ordination Group (3GPPCG) has been assigned responsibility within the UMTS Forum for co-ordinating and managing WP8F issues.

In addition to this new task, the 3GPPCG will continue to participate and contribute to the work of the 3GPP Technical Standards Groups (TSG), translating the new UMTS Forum Reports, recommendations into appropriate market requirements.

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