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COSMOTE announces the commercial launch of its 3G services


The first to introduce video streaming to the Greek mobile market

COSMOTE MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS S.A. announces the commercial launch of 3G services and the introduction of video streaming for the first time in the Greek mobile market.

COSMOTE is taking advantage of the potential and capabilities of its 3G network by offering to its customers video streaming, a service that allows them to enjoy lengthy videos of unique quality and at high speed. COSMOTE aims to constantly enrich available video content through collaborations with important content providers in Greece, such as ANTENNA TV and Databank.

COSMOTE's range of 3G services also features video calling, a service through which COSMOTE customers can see the person they are talking to while making a call, in real time.

COSMOTE's 3G network deployment, besides introducing new services, allows the Company to upgrade existing services. More specifically it will provide:

  • Faster Internet browsing, with speed up to 384 kbps (10 time faster than GPRS), a capability especially useful to COSMOTE corporate customers.
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and access to WAP web pages at a higher speed and with richer content.

COSMOTE's 3G network currently covers 30% of the country's population, mostly the metropolitan areas of Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as other major Greek cities. In addition, COSMOTE as the Grand National Sponsor of the ATHENS 2004 summer Olympic Games, has deployed its 3G network in areas that cover key Olympic venues (located in the cities of Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Volos and Heraklion in Crete).

The handsets supporting COSMOTE's 3G voice and data services are the NOKIA 7600, that supports video streaming, and the SonyEricsson Z1010 that offers both video streaming and video calling. With these specific handsets, users can seamlessly roam between COSMOTE's 2G and 3G network without call interruptions. This is achieved through a new Universal SIM card, that replaces the existing 2G SIM card and permits access to the 3G network and all the additional and improved capabilities.

COSMOTE's 3G services are offered to all of COSMOTE's contract customers (existing and new) and apply to all contract packages, basic and bundled. Video Calling will be charged ? 0.01 / second. In addition COSMOTE will offer:

  • Video Calling at a 50% discount rate (? 0.005 / second) until the 31st of July 2004.
  • Its "Wireless Internet 10" and "Wireless Internet 40" Internet access packages with twice the bundled usage included for each, until the 31st of July 2004. More specifically, COSMOTE until the above mentioned date, will offer "Wireless Internet 10", and "Wireless Internet 40" with included bundled volume of 20MB and 40MB respectively.
  • Video Streaming with a monthly fee of ? 5 that includes 500KB bundled volume and a charging of ? 0.001 / KB for volume exceeding the 500KB.