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Vodafone Portugal 3G/UMTS and 2G/GPRS networks for Oporto Metro


From 11 June, Vodafone customers will be able to use their 2G or 3G phones in the underground stations of the Oporto Metro.

Vodafone is the only operator to provide 3G/UMTS coverage in these stations (Trindade, Bolhao, 24 de Agosto, Heroismo, Campanha, Antas and Casa da Musica), offering high levels of quality and capacity thanks to the specific interior coverage system installed. The fact that 3G/UMTS coverage is being provided in parallel with 2G/GPRS coverage is a demonstration of Vodafone's leadership in Third Generation Mobile services.

Network coverage of the Oporto Metro is all the more important with the imminent approach of Euro 2004. Customers will benefit from reinforced 2G, and in some cases 3G, capacity at the entrances to stadiums and other Euro 2004 venues as the result of Vodafone's investment in a dedicated network for the event, designed to provide high capacity.

These new initiatives by Vodafone are part of the company's strategy to differentiate itself by the capacity and high quality of its networks and services throughout Portugal.