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COSMOTE Deploys LTE Network in Greece

COSMOTE has begun rollout of its LTE network. Following a first stage pilot, lab tests of commercial network equipment performance are underway. During the tests, peak data transmission speeds achieved were over 100 Mbps in the downlink and over 45 Mbps in the uplink. The Greek operator also assessed the performance of the LTE network under real conditions and its interoperability with the existing 2G and 3G systems, evaluating the service experience of end users.

COSMOTE is the first company in Greece to start the development of a 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless broadband network, achieving one more first for its telecommunication network.

The company proceeds to gradually develop the new 4G network with the installation of the new equipment, initially at specific points. The 4G network allows multifold speed of internet access, the use of advanced multimedia applications, such as HD Streaming and HD Video-Conferencing, as well as large files uploading and downloading, thereby significantly enhancing user experience. Thus, users on average will be able to download an HD movie in 2-3 minutes.

COSMOTE is the first telecommunications company in Greece to have implemented a pilot 4G LTE wireless broadband network in an urban environment with the relevant tests having taken place in the lab. During these tests, the data transmission speed achieved was over 100Mbps during downloading and over 45Mbps during uploading. At the same time, the performance of the 4G network under real conditions and its interoperability with the existing mobile communications networks (2G & 3G) have been assessed, evaluating the upgraded service experience of the end user. A relevant demonstration to the wider public, was made during the 12th Info-Com World conference in October 2010.

By continuously upgrading its telecommunications network and service offering, COSMOTE continues to break new ground and to demonstrate that its priority is to meet its customers’ evolving needs.