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NTT DoCoMo Unveils Three Highly Advanced Models for FOMA 900i Series


FOMA Subscribers Pass 4 Million Mark

NTT DoCoMo today unveiled three highly advanced handsets that will bring unprecedented functionality to the 3G FOMA 900i series. The release date for each model will be announced soon.

The companies also announced that the number of FOMA service subscribers surpassed the four million mark yesterday, just two months after reaching three million. The coming release of three highly advanced 900i handsets is also expected to stimulate continued rapid growth of the FOMA subscriber base.

The F900iT boasts a wireless Bluetooth headset for convenient, hands-free conversations. When folded with the camera lens and TFT main screen rotated to face outward, the phone can be used as a compact digital camera and Web viewer. Pictures drawn with a stylus on the touch-type main screen can also be e-mailed as attachments.

The N900iS comes equipped with 20 "deco-mail" templates for decorative e-mails. On-screen dictionaries (Japanese, English-Japanese and Japanese-English) can be easily accessed with the Multi-Task button while surfing the internet or writing e-mail. The phone has a pre-recorded voice to read out e-mails.

The P900iV folds for use like a video camera, with the lower half serving as a handy grip and the main screen rotating up or down for convenient viewfinding. The model also features effective 2-mega pixel resolution. Videos and still images stored in the phone can be viewed on a TV screen using an optional cable, and movie resolution has been boosted to 320 dots by 240 dots--more than three times the figure of previous handsets (176 by 144).

The basic features of the 900i series include:

  • Java-based i-appli(TM) applications with a 400K scratch pad and up to 100K for content/archiving, compared with 200K and 30K (respectively) in existing models
  • Deco-mail: HTML e-mail that can be decorated with artistic backgrounds, fonts and letter colors, as well as photos and animation that may be downloaded from i-mode menu sites
  • Chara-den: Videophone with animated cartoon characters to express the sender's feelings, emotions, etc., and ability to initiate real-time changes in the expressions of "avatar" characters
  • Chaku-motion: Ability to combine video and high-fidelity music (AAC format) clips to signal incoming calls