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T-Mobile Hungary's New, Superbly Fast Mobile Internet Packages Offer More Bandwidth - the Development of the Mobile Network Rapidly Continues


Following its HSPA+ network deployment in May, T-Mobile Hungary plans to revamp its mobile broadband price portfolio in the consumer segment. Starting on 1 August, the operator will launch new tariff packages for browsing or emailing based on peak download speeds. Initially, two HSPA+ packages will be available at HUF6,990 (US$38.20) per month with 16 GB of traffic volume included and at a monthly fee of HUF9,400 with 26 GB data volume included. T-Mobile Hungary offers HSPA+ services at more than 200 locations, providing peak downlink speeds of up to 21 Mbps.

T-Mobile's mobile Internet portfolio in the consumer segment is renewed. From August 1 the operator will distinguish tariff packages mainly used for browsing or e-mailing based on the nominal download speeds, and superbly fast mobile Internet tariff packages recommended for intense use of the Internet. With the current introduction of the superbly fast mobile Internet tariff packages, substantially higher speeds - nominally 21 Mbps - will be available. In addition, T-Mobile in these packages offers substantially higher data volume at favourable prices to users frequently watching video contents, downloading or sending larger files. From August subscribers of the RelaxNet tariff packages - nominally offering even up to 7.2 Mbps speeds - receive on promotional basis an additional 1 GB data volume available to them, as a gift.
In the frame of the mobile network development programme launched in May, Magyar Telekom offers the superbly fast HSPA+ based mobile Internet service at more than 200 locations, while developments continue rapidly also in the summer.

"By intensely developing our mobile network and preparing for the introduction of LTE, Telekom offers even more values, bandwidth and available data volume to intense and frequent users of the mobile Internet" - said István Király, chief marketing officer of Magyar Telekom.

As of August 1, 2011 T-Mobile renews its mobile Internet portfolio in the consumer segment, the operator introduces new, superbly fast mobile Internet packages on promotional basis and differentiates different tariff packages based on the nominal download speed*. Related to the introduction of the HSPA+ service, the operator offers new, superbly fast mobile Internet packages for intense use of the mobile Internet. The smaller package includes 16 GB traffic volume for HUF 6,990 while the larger package offers 26 GB data volume for a monthly fee of HUF 9,400 at the nominal maximum speeds of 21 Mbps. The RelaxNet XL and Gold Partner Card RelaxNet XL subscriptions that can be choosen as a new subscription until 30th August - including also the already existing subscriptions - will contain on promotional basis an additional 1 GB data volume monthly as of August, while the maximum nominal speed of the tariff package will be 21 Mbps.

From August the maximum nominal speeds of the currently available mobile Internet tariff packages in the consumer segment (including the presently available RelaxNet M and L packages, the Gold Partner Card RelaxNet M and L packages) will be 7.2 Mbps. As yet another novelty, the RelaxNet packages will include an additional 1 GB monthly data volume. The data volume included in the tariff packages can freely be used with T-Mobile for e-mailing, browsing, downloading files or watching videos.

The mobile internet portfolio for the business segment does not change for the time being, however, in the tariff plans ensuring bigger data quantity the HSPA+ service of the nominal speed of 21 Mbps will become available.

Differentiating between tariff packages based on bandwidth is already common practice in the fixed line business to inform customers, as this way everyone can decide what service speeds he requires, without having the know the technology in the background. With the significant increase of bandwidth in the field of mobile Internet, the speed-based categorisation makes sense, therefore there are ever more international examples for this.

Beside the introduction of the new tariff package structure, Magyar Telekom also rapidly continues network development. As the first outcome of the development announced in May, by the end of June the operator activated the HSPA+ service on more than 200 stations. The necessary upgrade effects not only the base stations, but also brings about upgrading transmission technology, Telekom provides the transmission network necessary to reach the nominal speeds, behind all stations. The sites of upgrade are being defined bearing in mind consumer needs, Telekom first introduces HSPA+ (offering the nominal speed of 21 Mbps) and the most intensely used sites, to increase network capacity. The superbly fast mobile Internet is already available in downtown Budapest, in several cities around Lake Balaton - including Siófok, Keszthely, Balatonkiliti - as well as in Nyíregyháza, Pécs, Szekszárd, Zalaegerszeg and in smaller settlements like Abony, Kiskunmajsa, Domaszék and Tiszafüred. (This however does not mean the complete coverage of the settlements, the service is focused around the areas with intense usage.) In addition, Telekom also offers the HSPA+ service at the key summer event locations, including Balaton Sound, the T-Mobile Connection concert, Volt Festival, the Fish Cooking Festivities, the National Touristic Meeting of University and College Students (EFOTT), the Sziget Festival and the Kayak-Canoe World Championship.

* Reaching the maximum nominal speed requires an appropriately enabled terminal supporting the relevant technology, and the network is also required to support that speed at the given location. The guaranteed download speed depends on the technology, it is 2Mbps in case of a 3G/HSDPA network and 30 kbps in case of a 2G/GPRS network.