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PTS Invites Interested Parties to the Spectrum Auction for the 1800 MHz Band


The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) has invited applications for its 1800 MHz frequency auction, due to take place in October 2011. The regulator will assign 2x35 MHz of spectrum: both new entrants and existing 1800 MHz licence holders are allowed to participate in the two-stage auction.

The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) invites all interested parties to the auction for licences in the 1800 MHz band. The deadline for applications is 2 September 2011.

PTS wants to use the assignment in 1800 MHz band to get more frequencies on the market, which is one of the targets of the Government’s Broadband Strategy. The aim is to make it possible for new and current stakeholders in the band to offer consumers broadband services, for example.
PTS is now organising an auction to assign spectrum of 2×35 MHz. The planned start date for the auction is 11 October 2011, with 2 September as the deadline for PTS to receive applications to participate in the auction.

In addition there are already licence holders in the band that own 2x35 MHz in total. PTS proposes that 2x5 MHz in the band shall be exempt from a licence obligation; this means that these frequencies can be used by anyone without the need for a licence from PTS, reducing barriers to entry.

An auction of two stages

The auction will be held in two stages.
During the first stage, the auction’s 2×35 MHz will be split between auction participants. Both new stakeholders and existing licence holders in the 1800 MHz band can take part.

Placement in the band will be determined during the second stage. Winning bidders from the first stage can then participate, as can licence holders that already have a licence in the band (these own in total 2×35 MHz). This placement round therefore comprises 2×70 MHz.
It is guaranteed that all licence holders in the band will get consecutive spectrum.
Link to open invitation and other documents (in Swedish only)

For more information, please contact
Urban Landmark, head of Spectrum Department, tel. 070-811 40 74 or PTS's Press Office, tel. 08-678 55 55

There are currently several stakeholders in the band and in adjacent bands that are offering services to consumers. There is thus no ‘spectrum cap’ for the auction. This means that there are no limitations on the amount of frequency that someone participating in the auction may bid for.
Licences in the auction are valid from 1 January 2013 and licences will have a term of 25 years.
How the auction is to be organised and how licences are limited are governed by PTS's Regulation for Spectrum Auctions (PTS Code of Statutes – PTSFS 2008:1), a Decision to limit the number of licences and an Open invitation.