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DNA Has the Capital Region's Fastest 3G Network

DNA has upgraded its network with Dual Carrier HSPA+ capability, enabling the Finnish operator to double mobile broadband downlink speeds to 42 Mbps. The first Dual Carrier base stations have been switched on in Helsinki and Espoo. Dual Carrier HSPA+ services will soon also be available in other cities within the 3G network's footprint. DNA has also launched the DNA Mokkula MC545, its first mobile broadband device that supports downlink speeds of up to 42 Mbps.

DNA is achieving higher speeds in its capital-region 3G network, through network technology more advanced than that of competitors. A fast network connection is the main requirement for smooth use of the most popular services via a Internet connection.

DNA comes top in terms of having the highest speeds in particular. When measuring uplink data transfer speed, there was a major difference between DNA and the rest. The transfer speed of outgoing data is relevant to the network user, for instance when uploading pictures from their own computer to social media or elsewhere on the Internet.

- During the last year, while the average speeds of our network have doubled, data transfer volumes in-creased by over 70 per cent. Dual Carrier is further increasing our speeds,” states JarnoHaikonen, DNA's Business Director for data transfer services.

More advanced technology is the primary factor underlying higher data transfer speeds. DNA's network has been largely upgraded with HSPA+ capability, enabling high connection speeds. Thanks to this, DNA has been able to introduce Dual Carrier HSPA, which further increases speeds.

While the first Dual Carrier base stations are operating in Helsinki and Espoo, they will soon also be found in cities elsewhere within the 3G network's coverage zone.

The comparison showed that the type of modem used is critical to the quality of a network connection.

“The DNA Mokkula MC545 is the first device to use HSPA+ in Finland. We are making this device available since we want to ensure that we always provide the best products,” explains Haikonen.

DNA Mokkula MC545 is a terminal device that utilises Dual Carrier HSPA+ speeds.

3G speeds are being constantly increased across the country through new base stations and expansions in capacity. In April 2011, connection speeds also multiplied in DNA's fixed network, as DNA introduced the Welho broadband speeds, previously available only in the capital region, across its entire fixed network.