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World Radiocommunication Conference 2012 (WRC-12)

GlobeNew UMTS Forum White Paper on Spectrum for Future Development of IMT-2000 and IMT-Advanced

Data traffic on mobile networks continues to grow, demonstrating the immense global importance of mobile broadband as a key socio-economic enabler. Meeting this unabated growth in demand urgently requires the identification by the ITU of additional spectrum for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) networks.


Coinciding with WRC-12, the UMTS Forum has published a new White Paper titled ‘Spectrum for future development of IMT-2000 and IMT-Advanced’.


Download UMTS Forum White Paper on Spectrum for Future Development of IMT-2000 and IMT-Advanced.


WRC-12About WRC-12

Taking place in Geneva from 23 January-17 February 2012, the forthcoming World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-12) is a key event for everyone with an interest in the global allocation and use of radio spectrum. WRC is held by Radiocommunication Sector of the ITU (ITU-R): the body that leads standards and spectrum arrangements for mobile broadband services – both today and tomorrow.


World Radiocommunication Conferences are held every three to four years. It’s the remit of each WRC to review and, as necessary, revise regulations that govern the use of radio-frequency spectrum for communication and other purposes. 


WRC-12 features on its agenda a number of items relating to the current and future use of radio spectrum for communications – specifically IMT-2000 and IMT-Advanced (“4th Generation”) mobile broadband systems. This landmark event that will shape the future of mobile broadband for billions of people.


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