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ANATEL opens up 2.5GHz for mobile broadband in Brazil

Regulator’s decision paves the way to future LTE deployment, says UMTS Forum

23 August 2010: Mobile broadband industry body UMTS Forum congratulates ANATEL, the Brazilian regulator, for having approved changes to use of the country’s 2.5 GHz frequency band, in the scope of Public Consultation #31.

Following the recommendations of the ITU, amendments to Brazil’s General Telecommunications Law now open up use of the band for fixed and mobile communications.

In this context Brazil becomes the latest country to formally permit use of the 2.5GHz band for mobile broadband, according to ITU Option C1 (2x70MHz FDD + 50 MHz TDD). The country’s 2.5 GHz band has been used by MMDS operators on a primary basis to offer pay TV services.

ANATEL’s initiative paves the way to future deployment of LTE and 4G networks, aligning Brazil with other world regions, in a way it can take full advantage of global economies of scale, technological neutrality, international roaming and avoidance of cross country interferences, opposing to the debated alternative of deploying a national spectrum variant within the flexible FDD/TDD approach.

For more than two years the UMTS Forum has worked alongside its industry partners in Brazil and Latin America to prioritise adherence with ITU recommendations over the commercially-driven interests of other groups lobbying for the use of technology-oriented spectrum arrangements.

“This welcome move by ANATEL lays the foundations for harmonised deployment of LTE in Brazil in globally co-ordinated spectrum. This in turn will assure the best combination of reduced equipment costs and an excellent service experience for end users”, commented UMTS Forum Chairman Jean-Pierre Bienaimé. “ANATEL’s pragmatic decision to decouple technical discussions from more politically-driven motives is undoubtedly to the long-term advantage of Brazil’s citizens and its economy. We’re delighted that the efforts of our members have been rewarded at this exciting time for Brazil’s mobile broadband future.”

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