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T-Mobile Austria Takes Important Step towards Introduction of Next-Generation Mobile Broadband Network by Deploying Huawei's Intelligent Packet Network

Huawei has completed the upgrade of T-Mobile Austria's core data network three months ahead of schedule. Huawei’s advanced intelligent packet switch platform transformed T-Mobile Austria’s existing system into an all-IP core packet network, which enables the operator to provide advanced mobile broadband services as demand for them increases. Huawei's platform is equipped to support next generation mobile broadband LTE (Long Term Evolution) by a simple software upgrade.

Huawei Technologies ("Huawei"), a leader in providing next-generation telecommunication solutions to operators around the world, today announced that, responding to the urgent needs of the Austrian market, it has successfully implemented a replacement of T-Mobile Austria's core data network 3 months ahead of planned schedule. Huawei's advanced intelligent packet switch platform exactly matched T-Mobile's needs to cater to the increasing demand for mobile broadband services. This delivery exceeded the expectations of T-Mobile in terms of smooth integration, quality and performance.

T-Mobile Austria has been highly successful with high-speed mobile data network using 3G technology. As the demand for data services is growing fast, T-Mobile Austria is continuously expanding network capacity to its existing network in order to fulfil customer needs. T-Mobile Austria had earlier selected Huawei's Intelligent IP core packet network to replace the existing system. Huawei demonstrated its expertise in network design, project management, planning and implementation and moved the schedule ahead by 3 months, which brought 50% reduction in the planned deployment schedule of SGSN. This was accomplished without any impact on existing customer services and without compromising any of the rigorous testing which is a characteristic of T-Mobile Austria's high quality network deployment.

In addition to the ability to handle large amounts of user data, up to 30Gbps, Huawei packet switch core network has the ability to intelligently route and manage customer data based on the needs of T-Mobile and its customers. By responding to the protocols, destination and other usage information, the Intelligent IP packet switch core provides service tailored to each type of session and supports the creation of innovative new services which will allow T-Mobile to continue its mobile broadband leadership. Beyond the current needs, Huawei's system is built on a platform that is already equipped to support next generation mobile broadband, known as LTE (Long Term Evolution). By simply loading new software, the system can be upgraded to support the new functionality of LTE/SAE.

Mr. Jim Burke, CTO of T-Mobile Austria, said: "Given Huawei's dedicated expert team and advanced packet switch core network solution, Huawei really surprised us by this flawless delivery. They fulfilled our expectations and we are proud of the result. As a company we are always looking for new ways to demonstrate our continuing track record as an innovator in the Austrian marketplace."

"Being customer-centric is one of Huawei' s strategies and a key to our success," said Mr. Cai Liqun, president of Huawei Core Network. "We spared no effort to help T-Mobile complete their packet core project and shorten time to market with outstanding quality. The packet core will help T-Mobile maintain its leadership in the mobile Internet era and is an outstanding example of the large-scale commercial application of a new-generation packet core network."

About T-Mobile Austria

With over 3.4 million customers, T-Mobile Austria has established itself as a successful driving force on the Austrian mobile communications market. Customer service is at the heart of the company's ethos. In developing its projects and solutions, T-Mobile Austria emphasises user-friendliness founded upon technological progress and development. The company's international outlook allows T-Mobile customers to benefit from a wide range of products and services, both at home and abroad, which can be used internationally as well as on the domestic network.

T-Mobile Austria is a subsidiary of T-Mobile International, the mobile communications arm of Deutsche Telekom AG and one of the world's largest telecommunications companies.