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Telecom NZ on Track for Mobile Launch and in Good Company

New Zealand’s leading telecoms group Telecom NZ has selected French equipment supplier Alcatel-Lucent as its technology partner for the planned deployment of its 3G WCDMA network, using the 850MHz frequency. The company plans to launch the network by June 2009, providing customers with access to the most advanced, nationwide 3G mobile services. At launch, the new network will extend 3G services and fast mobile broadband to 97% of the country’s population.
Telecom NZ is on track for the launch of its world class mobile network by June, and its choice of Alcatel-Lucent as technology partner has been given another ringing endorsement by overnight news.

“Telecom is now very close to launching its nationwide 3G WCDMA 850MHz (W850) mobile network, bringing with it a great variety of devices, a superior roaming footprint and fast mobile broadband to 97% of New Zealanders,” said CEO Paul Reynolds.
“Telecom’s W850 mobile network will be using the world’s best available mobile technology. It also places Telecom in a strong position to take its customers to the ultimate in speed and performance by providing a pathway to Long Term Evolution or LTE technology.”

LTE is quickly becoming the future standard for the provision of mobile telecommunications, illustrated last night with announcement from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
“Overnight the news came through from Europe that Telecom’s technology partner Alcatel-Lucent have been selected by United States telecommunications giant Verizon Wireless to build its LTE 4G network by next year - the first such network in the US.
“This is a fantastic win for our friends at Alcatel-Lucent, and further endorsement of the choice Telecom has made here for New Zealand customers.

“Alcatel-Lucent has been confirmed as world leaders in this exciting field of technology and the buzz around the announcement of LTE at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has been immense,” said Dr Reynolds.