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mobilkom austria to Cooperate Exclusively with Symena on UMTS Network Optimization


Since the beginning of this year, mobilkom austria has been working together exclusively with Symena. The goal of this cooperative effort is the optimization of the UMTS network in western Austria. The topography of the states Vorarlberg and Tyrol makes operation of the UMTS network difficult, as reflections from mountains causes interference to transmission signals. With "CAPESSO" technology from Symena, the many parameters for each base station can be calculated more effectively, allowing more efficient use of resources. This is of particular benefit in regions with great height differences. "CAPESSO" makes it possible to reduce the amount of base stations and investments which would otherwise be necessary by up to 30%. It also enables considerable increases in actual network capacity and quality. Should this technology prove successful in western Austria, it will be expanded to cover all of Austria, bringing the benefits of "CAPESSO" to eastern Austria as well.

Symena's optimization technology allows smart antennas to be used where a subsequent increase in network density would otherwise be necessary. That means that only few new UMTS base stations will be needed in addition to those that already exist. "Conventional antennas, such as those used for GSM, send signals in predetermined directions, while intelligent antennas only send signals to where they are immediately needed," explains Dr. Thomas Neubauer, CEO and co-founder of Symena. This allows the frequency spectrum to be used more efficiently, while considerably reducing interference in the surrounding area.

"Symena has an excellent understanding of the basic laws of physics and holds patents on computational algorithms, while we here at mobilkom austria are experts in planning and operation. As a result, we know the traffic volume in the mobile network very well," explains Dr. Boris Nemsic, CEO mobilkom austria and COO Wireless Telekom Austria AG. "These factors add up to the ideal combination for establishing a successful UMTS network. The exchange of know-how not only benefits both companies, above all it benefits our customers."

The software and consulting firm Symena, located in Vienna, is an innovative system management software provider for 3G mobile communications networks. Its specializes in the areas of network optimization and smart antenna technology. "It's a great challenge for us to help shape mobilkom austria's UMTS network, as it is Europe's most advanced UMTS network," says Neubauer enthusiastically of the cooperation.