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TelefAnica MAviles EspaAa introduces Novatel Wireless Ovation MC990D HSPA Global USB mobile data modem

Pocket-Sized HSPA Modem Integrates MicroSD Storage with USB Form Factor to Provide the Ultimate USB Device for World Travelers

TelefAnica MAviles EspaAa and Novatel(TM) Wireless Inc. (Nasdaq:NVTL), a leading provider of wireless broadband solutions, today announced the launch of the Ovation(TM) MC990D USB Modem, capable of providing Internet connectivity virtually anywhere in the world, with multiple frequency band operation on HSPA, UMTS, EDGE and GPRS networks. The MC990D delivers unprecedented performance with upload and downlink speeds that meet or exceed traditional DSL and cable modems.

Exclusive to TelefAnica MAviles EspaAa, the Ovation MC990D is a global modem designed to provide peak download speeds of 7.2 Mbps and peak upload speeds of 5.76 Mbps with forthcoming firmware upgrades. These high speeds allow TelefAnica's corporate and retail customers to share large data files and leverage new wireless data applications on the go. Featuring integrated file storage capability via MicroSD and an extremely streamlined form factor (70 x 25 x 13.5 mm), the modems fit comfortably in a pocket, enabling the user to securely check email, download rich multimedia content and remain connected to their friends, family, and coworkers.

"When offered reasonable prices and flexible plans, TelefAnica customers will consistently opt to select premium-grade HSPA mobile data devices with advanced features, such as those from Novatel Wireless," said Luis Ezcurra, Terminals and Multimedia Director of TelefAnica MAviles EspaAa. "With the introduction of the MC990D, TelefAnica customers can rest assured that they will have secure and reliable high-speed Internet access whether at home, in the office or traveling abroad."

The Ovation MC990D features fully integrated diversity antennae, receiver diversity and equalizer support to improve performance in high network traffic environments. The MC990D ships with escritorio movistar connection manager software preinstalled on the modem's on-board memory, featuring auto-install for Windows and Mac operating systems and a Dual USB Y-cable to provide increased power when using the modem in weak signal areas.

"As HSPA Networks proliferate across the globe, international business travelers and everyday Internet users are looking for connectivity solutions that will support their highly mobile lifestyles," said Peter Leparulo, CEO of Novatel Wireless. "Novatel is very pleased to work with TelefAnica to deliver the MC990D. Following the great commercial success of the MC950D launch with over 200,000 units sold in Spain, we're confident that the MC990D will generate significant revenue for both Novatel Wireless and TelefAnica."