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Pannon’s HSDPA network sees tenfold rise in usage in 12 months

Today, Pannon announced that its high-speed 3G/HSDPA network enabling video telephony is now available at nearly 360 towns and villages across Hungary. In response to dynamically growing demand for mobile Internet services, Pannon continues developing its network.

The next milestone in Pannon’s network development project was announced in the town of Hatvan. The press conference broadcast online using mobile broadband technology featured a live presentation of mobile Internet capabilities.

“Pannon continues to dynamically expand its network which is also reflected by the more than tenfold increase in the volume of data transferred via our HSDPA network over the past 12 months. Following Budapest, its agglomeration area and Lake Balaton, we are implementing major projects in other parts of the country including Heves county. We believe that mobile broadband will be well-received not only in the nearly 360 towns and villages but in the following ones as well ”, said György Koller, Chief Technical Officer of Pannon.

Pannon Internet services can be used without a fixed telephone line, independently of customers’ existing mobile phone subscription on any desktop or portable computer. The fast- and easy-to-install 3G/HSDPA-enabled USB modem provides immediate and uninterrupted access for frequent travellers and business users or consumers without a fixed-line Internet access at home. Pannon Mobile Internet packages currently available in Pannon’s offering satisfy all user needs. There is a 10 GB package for customers surfing the net, exchanging e-mails and downloading multimedia content on a daily basis, a 5 GB package supporting daily Web browsing and e-mailing, and a 100 MB package for occasional Internet and e-mail users. At the same time, Pannon customers can use an EDGE network available to 99% of Hungary’s population for Web browsing and e-mailing.

“Its local infrastructure makes Hatvan stand out of Hungarian towns of a similar size. Its motorway and advanced railway network have attracted a large number of investors as demonstrated by the logistics projects of the recent past. Mobile broadband is another piece of infrastructure making Hatvan even more attractive and improving its economic potential”, said Zsolt Érsek, Mayor of Hatvan.