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3G Americas Cites Global Progress and Growth for UMTS


UMTS to Mobilize the Data World, a report on the progress of UMTS was published today by 3G Americas. The report summarizes the steps in the evolution of UMTS (WCDMA), soon to become the world's leading Third Generation technology, providing documentation of the milestones achieved and the expectations for 2003.

UMTS to Mobilize The Data World (pdf 1220KB)

Chris Pearson, Executive Vice President for 3G Americas stated, "3G Americas provides this report to the industry on the tremendous progress of Third Generation UMTS technology in preparation for the anticipated thirty commercial launches to occur in 2003. Our organization is committed to the GSM evolution of GSM/GPRS/EDGE and UMTS (WCDMA) and its seamless deployment throughout the Americas."

"This UMTS report was created with input from operators, vendors, and other wireless organizations who recognize UMTS as the pre-eminent global 3G standard today," commented Vicki Livingston, Director of Marketing for 3G Americas. "UMTS is on target for commercial deployment this year after maturing through the developmental stages needed to build a complex and unique global 3G system."

It might appear that UMTS has been in the development phase for a long while. In fact, the first vision of what UMTS might become emerged in a 1995 workshop report; standardization work did not begin until after the UMTS Task Force published results in mid-1996 and ETSI's subsequent UTRA decision in January 1998. Thus, based on the historical patterns demonstrated by introductions of other new wireless technologies, it should be expected that UMTS would first be realized somewhere between 2002 and 2004. This will be the case in point with the commercial launches of dozens of operators in 2003.

Pearson commented, "As the business case emerges for wireless data services, we are seeing the completion of UMTS trials, deployments of UMTS infrastructure, commercial announcements of dual-mode GSM/UMTS handsets, and a general readiness of the marketplace for the mobilization of data throughout the world with UMTS." He added, "UMTS will continue to provide the tools and applications for business success, social mobility, and personal convenience that we have experienced with GSM and GPRS. We are just now seeing the wireless data ecosystem foundation being built that will support the many new services that subscribers will require."