Monday, 08 September 2008 
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Friday, 23 May 2008

What is the Flash 3G Video Gateway?

The Flash 3G Video Gateway is a platform that permits mobile users to access Adobe Flash-based web applications with video and multimedia content by simply placing a standard video call from any 3G handset. This means users can access live streaming webcams, pre-recorded and interactive video, games, animations and more. No WAP portal or installation is necessary.

What you get
  • Access to Flash based web applications with video and multimedia content with all the current Internet features
  • Live video and audio feeds to any 3G device, with superior quality
  • Live cam-to-cam feature (full bi-directional video and audio communication) using the 3G phone’s cam and mic
  • Navigation and interactivity just like online Internet portals (searches, online status, etc.)
  • Access to stored videos, chat and other features
  • Customers access and pay for service using the same premium number. No need to pay by credit card; customers pay for the time they are connected.
What we're not

Our platform is NOT a WAP portal or similar, therefore it is not limited by type of device or features. No GPRS or 3G data access configuration is needed.

No integration

No integration is necessary. Our solution is NOT a development platform, therefore service providers don’t need to waste expensive development resources. Providers just need to create a “mobile skin” for their portals on their current Flash platform and they're done. No need to change Flash Media Servers, applications servers or anything else.

Veedia Flash 3G Video Gateway Highlights

  • Bi-directional video and audio live communication between Flash and mobile users
  • Real-time access and content publishing from 3G phones to applications such as video blogs
  • Exchange video messages between 3G and web users
  • Extend Flash based applications to traditional IP/ISDN videoconferencing equipment

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