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Monday, 10 December 2007

Anritsu announces a series of new software packages supporting the measurement of 3GPP LTE mobile terminals, demonstrating its continued commitment to the effective deployment of next-generation mobile phone systems.

The three new packages, the MX269020A LTE Downlink Measurement Software, the MX269021A LTE Uplink Measurement Software, and the MX269908A LTE IQproducerTM are easily installed on Anritsu's MS269XA series Signal Analyzers and combine to provide an extremely powerful tool to support fast and easy evaluation of the Rx and Tx characteristics of 3GPP LTE RF uplink and downlink signals.

The MX269020A and MX269021A software measures the Tx characteristics of 3GPP LTE FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) compliant signals and when installed in either the MS2690A/2691A models or in the new MS2692A, supports quick and easy measurement of both downlink (base station to mobile) and uplink (mobile to base station) signals.

The MX269908A software generates 3GPP LTE compliant waveform patterns which can then be output as an RF signal from the optional signal generator installed in the MS269xA. The signal can then be used to test RF Rx characteristics, as well as to perform Tx/Rx evaluations. This greatly increases the efficiency of research and development of 3GPP LTE base stations, mobile terminals, and components.

This world-first 3GPP LTE analysis software is installed directly into the measuring instrument itself, eliminating any requirement for an external PC in the test setup, thereby reducing cost and time  and increasing measurement efficiency.

The 3GPP LTE FDD specification is rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for next-generation mobile devices supporting high-speed, large-capacity, wide-area communications. While the 3GPP Working Group is discussing various standardization subjects, leading-edge makers are already moving forward with development of 3GPP-compliant modules, amplifiers, and components, and urgently require measuring instruments supporting 3GPP LTE standards.

MS269XA Signal Analyzer Series
These high-performance signal analyzers have excellent total level and modulation accuracy over a wide band from 50 Hz to 6 GHz. They have a built-in vector signal analyzer function for performing wideband FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) analysis, as well as a digitize function for capturing signal waveforms as digital data. This provides efficient support for performance tests of base stations, both in R&D and manufacturing of advanced, next-generation wireless communications systems.

Three models cover frequency ranges of 50 Hz to 6 GHz (MS2690A), 50 Hz to
13.5 GHz (MS2691A), and 50 Hz to 26.5 GHz (MS2692A). This allows users to match performance with measurement requirements. In addition, all three models have a vector signal generator option (MS2690A/MS2691A/MS2692A-020) covering a frequency range of 6 GHz and an RF modulation band of 120 MHz, so supporting Tx and Rx tests with a single instrument.


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