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Friday, 07 December 2007

At the end of November Mobitel commercially introduced an advanced fixed-mobile convergence service called m:stik. The service makes it possible for users to save significantly when using mobile services abroad. The market has already shown great interest, and larger quantities of the m:stik devices will be available shortly. The m:stik service is the successor to our m:komunikator service, introduced in the summer, which enables users to make video calls between computers and mobile phones in Mobitel’s UMTS network. m:stik brings the advantages of mobile telecommunications into the world of computing and Internet.

At the end of November Mobitel commercially introduced the new m:stik service, which combines mobile and Internet communications. The solution presents an accomplished concept of fixed-mobile convergence, focused at ensuring unified services and user identity on various devices in the mobile and internet world. m:stik makes it possible for users to equip their Internet-connected desktop or laptop computer in just a few seconds with the functions of the mobile phone and use it for making and accepting voice calls, use SMS and MMS messaging, as well as video telephony. They can accomplish all that with their own mobile phone number, the same one as on their mobile phone.

The service is available to Mobitel’s subscribers, and the market has already shown great demand. Shortly Mobitel’s sales network will have the m:stik devices in supply in larger quantities. The service is especially welcomed by users who frequently roam abroad, as it gives them significant savings. Calls made through m:stik abroad are charged by the same rates as in Mobitel’s home network, and received calls are free of charge. The m:stik service also enables users to use the short MPO numbers of business virtual private mobile networks, when making and receiving calls at home or abroad.

Simple use
The m:stik service is user-friendly, and the user interface in is Slovene. All the hardware and software is located on a handy USB key, so no software needs to be installed on a computer, and after the m:stik device is disconnected, no sensitive data remains on the computer. The use of m:stik allows the user to keep his or her mobile phone number, so that he or she is also reachable when using the mobile phone or the m:stik on a desktop or notebook computer.

The price of the device is 59 EUR, and the monthly subscription fee is 7.49 EUR. The service activation charge is an additional fee of 4.99 EUR. Along with the m:stik device the user also receives a headset with a microphone, although the service can also be used with the speakers and microphone already installed in the computer. The return of investment for the m:stik can be very fast when using the service abroad, as the prices for regular mobile telephony are significantly higher than in the home network.

An open path for development
The introduction of m:stik required upgrades and a partial installment of new telecommunications infrastructure at Mobitel, which now supports the m:stik service, as well as future services of fixed-mobile convergence. The solution is open for introduction of new innovative services, which Mobitel will begin offering soon.

The m:stik solution was developed in cooperation with Mobitel by Iskratel from Kranj in cooperation with BridgePort Networks and Oberthur Card System.


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