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Alcatel-Lucent and Uganda Telecom switch on Ugandan’s first commercial UMTS/HSPA service for the Summit of Head of States of the Commonwealth. PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 November 2007

Alcatel-Lucent today announced today that it has successfully deployed the first third-generation UMTS/HSPA network for Uganda Telecom Ltd.(UTL), in time for the Summit of Head of States of the Commonwealth which takes place in Uganda and opens today. It is one of the first such deployments in the East Africa region. The new part of the network is seamlessly integrated in UTL's existing network. Alcatel-Lucent's UMTS/HSPA portfolio offers UTL a cost-efficient way to further expand the coverage of its network in extended areas.

As announced earlier this year, Uganda Telecom Ltd chose Alcatel-Lucent for the extension of its GSM/EDGE mobile network and for the deployment of the first third-generation UMTS/HSPA network in Uganda, one of the first such deployments in the East Africa region. Today's activation of Alcatel-Lucent UMTS/HSPA solution improves the cost-efficient and fast way the operator can offer high bit rates, low latency and full mobility to both existing customers to the country, and delegates that are attending the Summit.

“Our objective in developing a 3G network was an improved end-user experience with high-quality, mobile voice and mobile high-speed broadband data services such as video streaming, access to corporate e-mail and intranets,”said Abdulbaset Elazzabi, Managing Director of Uganda Telecom. Thanks to Alcatel-Lucent's solution and effective time to market delivery, we can now diversify our offering by providing high-speed connections and complete our planned projects in user-centric broadband services.”

“Alcatel-Lucent has been fully committed to enabling Uganda Telecom to better meet the needs of its existing customers and in time to provide the leaders attending the Commonwealth Summit this month with innovative mobile broadband services, anywhere and anytime, opening new and exciting opportunities”,explains Olivier Picard, President of Alcatel-Lucent's Europe and South activities.

Under this contract, Alcatel-Lucent has provided Uganda Telecom with its comprehensive radio networking solution including base stations, radio network and base station controllers (RNC/BSC), wireless network management system solutions and engineering tools. Alcatel-Lucent was also responsible for network design and complete network deployment, including network integration and maintenance services. Additionally Alcatel-Lucent has supplied a new generation of microwave systems to optimize the transmission of voice and data traffic from the base stations to the core network, with the capability to adapt quickly and efficiently to the growth in traffic and services.

Alcatel-Lucent is a leading player in the GSM/EDGE market -- with more than 170 customers in more than 90 countries – as well as the global leader in the development and deployment of third-generation (3G) networks, having deployed commercial 3G (UMTS/HSPA and CDMA/EV-DO) systems for more than 70 operators worldwide.

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