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Telenor Launches Turbo-3G in Norway PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 25 October 2007

By launching Turbo-3G, Telenor is now strengthening its focus on Mobilt Bredbånd (Mobile Broadband). As early as by November, Norway's four largest cities will be covered - soon to be followed by six other cities. "Telenor's Turbo-3G will distinguish itself as having the best coverage, quality, and capacity", says Berit Kjøll, Division Director at Telenor.

From November on, Telenor will also offer Turbo-3G at the largest winter sport centres in Norway. Customers who use Telenor's  Mobilt Bredbånd  will also, in addition to Turbo-3G, have access to a growing number of Telenor Trådløse Soner (Telenor Wireless Zones).
"With Telenor's solutions for Mobilt Bredbånd, it is easy to use Internet services. When you use Internet services on your computer, you are automatically connected to the fastest network, whether it is via Turbo-3G or in a Trådløs Sone", says Berit Kjøll.
Turbo-3G provides speeds close to broadband level through the mobile network, making it easier and faster to surf the Internet and check your e-mail. From as early as January next year, Turbo-3G will be available in 10 cities.
With Mobilt Bredbånd you can watch TV, download music and audio books, use video conferences or surf Facebook - all on your mobile phone. You can also be online on your computer outside the home or whenever you are not at the office. Until now, when using their mobile network to connect to the Internet, people have often had to deal with slow downloading when wanting to use a simple service such as reading the newspaper online.
"Now, more and more people will find the quality and speed of the mobile network to be so good that you can take your broadband experience along wherever you go. Mobilt Bredbånd is an excellent supplement to your regular broadband connection. We are now in a new era of Mobilt Bredbånd, with better accessibility and user friendliness", says Berit Kjøll.
Turbo-3G is up to 10 times faster than regular 3G. With a USB modem and simple software, you are online with only a single click.
Turbo-3G can reach speeds of up to 3.6 Mbit/s, but the normal speed will be around 0.5-1.5 Mbit/S.
Telenor's new software for Mobilt Bredbånd (for business customers) includes functionality for seamless transitions between cable network, Trådløs Sone and the mobile network, without the customer having to turn the connection on or off. It also provides automatic reconnection if the connection is lost, for instance when driving through a tunnel or moving from one Trådløs Sone to another. Telenor is the only company in the market to offer this.
Telenor will first of all launch Turbo-3G in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger (including Sandnes) and Trondheim, along with various winter sport centres in southern Norway. More than 17 winter sport centres will have access to Turbo-3G by November.
In the last few years, Norwegian people's computer habits have changed. Eight of ten PCs sold today are laptops, and all of these have built-in WLAN. More and more people use wireless networks and bring their computers along when they travel. Also on the increase is the use of network services such as blogging and MSN. Therefore, the importance of a proper broadband service for people constantly on the move has never been greater.

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