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Telecom Italia: 3.450 million orders received for mobile phones, over 50% UMTS/HSDPA PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 October 2007


At the Berlin dealer convention, Telecom Italia launches out the ultrabroadband mobile network, offering web speeds in excess of 7 Mbit/s

Presenting ultrafast PC Cards that bring digital mobile TV to the PC

Telecom Italia presented its latest range of imminent offers in Berlin, where the company took orders for 3.450 million mobile phones, of which over 50 % were UMTS/HSDPA models. This exceeded the May 2007 Convention, where orders for 3.1 million cellphones were placed.

The TIM “Home Zone”

Telecom is rolling out “Maxxi TIM Casa” from November 15, a new offer that allows people to use mobile phones to make calls from home at particularly convenient rates. For €5 per month (including VAT), customers can make calls for up to eight hours a day (500 minutes of daily traffic) to landlines and TIM mobile phones for just €0.16 per call. TIM Casa Home Zone calls cost €0.16 per call, regardless of how long they last; the longer the customer stays on the phone, the greater the saving. “Home Zone” is also available in a fixed-only formula for €3 per month (including VAT).

The offer also enables you to bring your home fixed line number onto your cell phone and use the cellphone to make and receive calls at home. Even when not at home, one may always be reached: when somebody calls the home number, the customer is alerted by a free text message or via voice-mail service (according to customer preference).

In the “Home Zone” (within and around the home), the cellphone screen displays “TIM Casa”; outside the home, it reads “TIM”, so one may always know how one is spending on the call before it is  made. To use “TIM Casa”, customers must have a 128K SIM Card, which is replaced free of charge upon activation of the “Home Zone”.

The launch of “TIM Casa” is a continuation of the fixed-mobile convergence strategy begun with the “Unica” quadruple play offer, which enables calls from both the fixed-line and the mobile network using the same phone, as well as providing Internet navigation and access to Alice Home TV content.

“Mobile ultrabroadband” now live, offering mobile Internet connection at over 7 Mbit/s

Telecom Italia launchs its mobile ultrabroadband service, which increases UMTS connection speed up to 7.2 Mbit/s thanks to HSDPA and HSUPA technology.
TIM is also simplifying its mobile internet pricing with the new “Alice Mobile” time-based plans: 10 hours of web traffic per month costs €10; 100 hours of net traffic per month costs €20. Both of these packages include, at no extra cost, a USB modem or a PC card for high-speed websurfing without any set-up costs. The new ultrabroadband USB modules are Onda MT 505, MT 502HS and HUAWEI E220, and the ET502HS PC Card.

Mobile broadband delivers digital TV to laptops

TIM is the first operator to bring the Magic Card™ to Italy. Made by Onda, the DT501HS is a new-generation PC card that offers high-speed net access and sends digital TV to personal computers, offering DVB-H TV programming without a fixed network connection.
Mobile broadband is available for €20 per month. Digital TV quality is comparable to DVD standard. TIM mobile TV’s selection of channels includes Mediaset’s Premium channels, La7 Digital, Sky themed channels, all Italian 2007/2008 football matches and top European soccer action.
In addition to new PC card launches, TIM is also introducing new cellphone models including the Nokia N95 8GB and the Nokia N81, both of which can broadcast video over broadband.

At the end of Q1 2007 (30 june ’07), the company supplied 34.3 million lines in Italy, of which 5.1 million using UMTS technology.


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