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Monday, 22 October 2007

3 Hong Kong today announced that it has partnered with Omnifone, a leading developer of international mobile music services, to exclusively roll out 3 MusicStation to provide unlimited downloads of mobile music. 3 MusicStation completely breaks away from all limitations and network interferences associated with streaming. Available on an innovative and flexible weekly rate plan, the new service brings to Hong Kong music lovers a vast music library comprised of both local and international music, a string of exclusive functions like smart search, high-speed downloads, music community based sharing of tracks and an innovative “off-net listening” function. The “all-you-can-download” service enables mobile users to access their music everywhere even when not connected to a network or when in Flight Safe mode. 3 MusicStation has transformed a mobile handset into an instant and intelligent digital mobile music playing gadget with high sound quality, enabling music fanatics to roam free in the wide expanse of music anytime while on the move.

Take the lead to introduce award winning technology and open up a new mobile music world
Amy Lung, Chief Operating Officer – Mobile of Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong said: “It is 3 Hong Kong’s long belief that a high-speed mobile network is more than a platform for voice and data communications. It is in fact a highly effective media for music content and service providers to market and sell their products. With the right applications and technology, the right mobile handsets with corresponding functions, content providers can get their numerous contents to their targeted customers straight and fast. Users can also enjoy services and share information with their peers any time geographically barrier free.”

“The rollout of 3 MusicStation is the concerted effort of inter-industries. Leveraging high-speed communications technology, advanced mobile music search and download technology, plus multi-functional handsets, we help to promote the healthy and long-term growth of the music industry and bring to users a wide range of unlimited high quality music,” she said.

According to the Digital Music Report 2007 published by IFPI, digital music generated a turnover of US$2 billion globally in 2006 and mobile music accounted for 50% of the profit generated. It is evident that the demand for mobile digital music is tremendous.

“3 Hong Kong believes that the award winning advanced technology developed by Omnifone will materialise mobile users’ various expectations on mobile music products,’ Ms Lung continued.

Music without boundaries – a music library with magnified collection
3 MusicStation features a simple-to-use user interface. Once the service is activated, with just a few clicks, users can enjoy unlimited search and downloads of tracks and tap into the many surprises the unknown part of the music world has to offer.

3 MusicStation proudly presents the largest mobile library in town with the whole-hearted support of many major record labels including Sony BMG, Universal, Warner Music and EMI, and local record companies Gold Label, Amusic and East Asia. Initially, 150,000 Chinese and foreign tracks will be available in the music treasures with expansion into one million tracks shortly afterwards.

The music library boasts the most comprehensive genres of local and international music, spanning from the latest hits to the oldies, Rock & Roll, Hip Hop and Jazz to the classical. Simply activate 3 MusicStation in a mobile and indulge in a music world with no boundaries. Enjoy unlimited downloads of favourite tracks direct to the mobiles’ internal or removable memory.

Innovative tariff plans pave way for care-free downloads
3 MusicStation is available at a flexible weekly fee of $12 with no additional data charges. Users enjoy unlimited access to the world’s music and downloads of tracks direct to handsets. The simple weekly plan pampers users with greater flexibility than monthly plans as they can easily resume or stop the service by sending instructions directly from handsets. Integrated monthly tariff plans for 3 MusicStation are also available at your choice. Starting from $138, the monthly service packages offer voice and video calls, multi-media contents and free 3 MusicStation service. For a single monthly tariff plan, users can fully enjoy 3 Hong Kong’s diversified high speed communications services.

Ms Lung said: “3 Hong Kong believes that the out-of-the-box tariff plans fit well with consumers’ independent and care-free spending pattern. It not only helps to stimulate usage but also effectively enhance the revenue of both companies.”

Rob Lewis, Chief Executive Officer of Omnifone said during 3 MusicStation service launch ceremony: ““MusicStation gives hundreds of millions of consumers globally the freedom to download, play and share unlimited amounts of music, wherever they are. Equipping mobile handsets with MusicStation completely transforms them into the ultimate music device. We are delighted to be bringing MusicStation to Asia-Pacific for the first time, in partnership with 3HK.””

Unique “Music Sharing” function with pop singers revealing their inner worlds through music sharing
3 MusicStation encourages users to share music and express themselves with songs. The unique function “Music Sharing” allows users to build varied playlists and send recommended tracks with friends. It is believed that more sharing will expand users’ horizons into different genres of music and enhance their music tastes.

3 MusicStation also features the playlists of celebrities, local and overseas singers, such as local songwriter Keith Chan, Canto pop singers Justin Lo, Jill Vidal, Denise Ho and Hins Cheung, international singer-songwriter James Blunt and singer Beyonce, enabling users to see through their idols’ inner world and music tastes.

Representatives of major record labels, artists and handset suppliers attended 3 MusicStation service launch ceremony to show their support for the new service.

“The new generation of consumers has formed a unique spending pattern. They want to purchase different genres of music anytime anywhere in a simple, quick and legal way. 3 MusicStation’s exclusive community-based music sharing function, intelligent search, high-speed downloads and the “You might like” recommended songs service, are a perfect match with the lifestyles of today’s digital music lovers. As members of the music industry, we are delighted to see the dawn of 3 MusicStation. We trust that it will become a very effective and direct channel for marketing and selling digital music,” said some of the representatives.

First weekly fee waived for 3 MusicStation’s subscribers opening doors to mobile music world
Starting from today, enjoy unlimited music downloads free of charge for the first week upon subscription to 3 MusicStation. Share your playlists with 3 MusicStation’s network of friends and set the music world free.

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