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An Overhauled Mobile Planet Portal

Mobile Planet portal of the leading Slovene mobile operator Mobitel will be presented in a new light with the beginning of September. The most important new feature will be free portal browsing, and the overhauled Planet will also offer a modernized design, adapted to each user's mobile phone features. New interesting, fun and useful content will also be introduced.

Slovene leading mobile operator Mobitel will introduce a thorough overhaul of its mobile Planet portal in September. Customers will now be able to browse for free on the new, refreshed portal, which will adapt to the visitor's mobile phone features. The new mobile Planet portal will also feature new content, and the transparent layout will enable an even easier and faster access to the desired content.

The overhauled portal will greet the users with free browsing, as Mobitel's subscribers and prepaid users will not be charged for the data transfer when accessing Planet from Mobitel’s networks.

Most of Planet's content and services will be free, the user will be notified before accessing any chargeable content with its price, and will have to confirm the access by agreeing to pay the price as stated. Planet also offers a varied collection of multimedia content, photographs, video and music. Display of these contents has gained in quality with the use of the upgraded Mobitel UMTS and EDGE networks, and browsing the Planet is now lightning-speed fast.

The search portal engine accessible from all the Planet pages will ensure fast browsing. An important new feature is also the renovated heading Moj Planet (My Planet), which is now even better at automatically adjusting to every user's preferences, bringing together the content they are interested in. With every visit Moj Planet will automatically add the desired links, and it will be assisted by a wizard, which will offer interesting content with regards to the user's interests.