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Monday, 16 July 2007

3 today announced new pricing for mobile broadband, which will see consumers being able to connect to the internet - without being tied to a fixed line - for a lot less, while getting a lot more data. The new pricing includes a $29 per month plan for 1 gigabyte of data and a $49 per month plan for 2 gigabytes of data, also with a free USB Modem and is available from this Wednesday.

3, which was the first operator to launch cap plans in Australia in 2003 driving voice pricing down from its artificially high point, had a similar mindset when thinking about data.

"3's network is 3G which means it's very fast and very efficient. Today people want to be online whenever they want - but it's often the price or the technology that holds them back," said Noel Hamill, Director Sales, Marketing and Product, 3.

The technology roadblock has already been cleared with our HSDPA network bringing customers downlink speeds comparable to the fastest currently available on today's 3G devices, and a range of ways to connect to the internet. The piece of the puzzle that’s been missing for people is price." Hamill added.

The launch of new pricing for 3 Mobile Broadband extends 3's focus on the mobile data market. In March, 3 announced X-Series, a new service which allows consumers to access services - such as Skype, Google and Orb - typically reserved for the PC on their mobile in 3's Broadband Zones. Similarly X-Series pricing includes generous data allowances.

"People want the freedom to use the internet at a price that’s affordable. With 3's new mobile broadband pricing that freedom is there to be experienced," said Hamill.

Getting Mobile Broadband from 3
Consumers can connect to the internet with 3 Mobile Broadband through the latest USB Modem free on 3's new $49 per month for 2GB plan. The USB modem is a lightweight, easy to use device that plugs straight into the USB socket of any laptop or PC and self installs on Windows - making it easy to set up and ultra simple to use.

A data card is also available, or customers can connect up using their mobile phone as a modem.

3's new pricing is available from Wednesday from any 3 Store or Dealer or 3 Direct.

Dick Smith Stocks Up
3 Mobile Broadband will also be available in Dick Smiths from 8th August. 3 has signed the leading retailer to introduce 3 to consumers across 150 outlets in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth.

3's New Mobile Broadband Plans*

 Plan $29 per month  $49 per month  $69 per month $99 per month 
3 Broadband Zone
 1 GB  2 GB  3 GB  5 GB
3 Broadband Zone
additional usage
 10ct/MB  10ct/MB  10ct/MB  10ct/MB

Customers on 3 Taking the Value High Road
In addition to new pricing for new and existing Mobile Broadband customers, mobile phone customers with 3 can get more value with special discounts when signing up to a Mobile Broadband plan. Customers can take a further 50% off their mobile broadband monthly charge for the first 6 months if they choose a $49 or $69 plan over 24 months. After the initial 6 months period customers are free to move up or down as they see fit. So the $49 plan for 2GB will be $24.50 per month for the first six months. If customers just need 1GB of data, they’ll get the USB Modem for free when signing up to the $29 plan for 24 months (normally $5 per month). **

"With these special offers we want our current 3 mobile customers to extend their 3 experience with mobile broadband and benefit even further from already being with 3," said Hamill.

The Need for Speed
3's 3G network is HSDPA enabled which means that it delivers downlink speeds comparable to the fastest currently available on today’s 3G devices of up to 3.6 mega bits per second with typical speeds ranging from 600kpbs to 1.5 mega bits per second. This is the speed all customers with an HSDPA enabled device receive when in 3's Broadband Zone. Unlike some broadband plans, 3 doesn't artificially 'throttle' the speeds that customers can get on 3's network based on price.***

*See for full details, including minimum spend. 3 Broadband Zone allowance includes combined upload and download data transfer. Included data expires each month. National roaming (on GPRS including within 3's Broadband Zone) is charged separately. Each plan includes a national roaming allowance (2MB with $29 plan, 4MB with $49 plan, 6MB with $69 plan and 10MB with $99 plan) and additional usage above the national roaming allowance is charged at the rate of $1.65 per MB. SMS charged at 15 c per address. Per MB pricing is charged per KB.
** Offer available to 3 postpaid customers only. Customers may take one mobile broadband service for every mobile phone they have. Offer only available on 24 month contracts. Monthly discount will cease to apply if a customer (i) changes rate plans within the first 6 months; (ii) cancels their mobile phone or mobile broadband service within the first 6 months. Once the 6 months has expired, customer will automatically stay on the full price ($49 or 469) per month plan.
***The speed of Mobile Broadband will vary according to the zone you are in. The actual speed achieved will vary depending on a number of factors such as the capabilities of the device used, the customer’s location and network usage at the time.

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