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Orange expands its Business Everywhere range PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 July 2007

New USB modem and unique 'fold away' PC datacard from Option

Orange today announced the extension of its Business Everywhere range of connectivity solutions to include a 3G+ (HSDPA) USB modem and two PC datacards, with innovative signalling technology for improved connection speeds and performance. The Orange iCON2 USB modem and GT 3G+ Triband/GT MAX PC datacards give Business Everywhere customers a significantly improved experience when accessing the internet, email and corporate VPNs whilst on the move.

The combination of Orange's high speed 3G+, 3G and EDGE networks, coupled with innovative new Advanced Radio Technology (ART) signalling technology from Option, ensures faster connectivity, less interference and a more reliable signal for customers who are working on the move.

The iCON2 is a pocket-sized USB modem which can be connected directly into any laptop or desktop PC USB port, without the need for a cable. The GT MAX data card fits any PCMCIA-enabled laptop and boasts the added advantage of an innovative new antenna. Its retractable design means it fits inside the PC card slot so can be easily packed away in transit.

All three devices are also based on a common technology platform, enabling Orange to bring Option's latest solutions to market rapidly.

"Our Business Everywhere range has achieved impressive sales growth over the last two years, as we've invested in the best new devices and our unique connection software" comments Philippe Bernard, executive vice president, Orange Business Solutions. "We are first to market with this new suite of devices, ensuring our customers benefit from the most innovative new products on the market, and demonstrating our ongoing commitment to innovation and customer choice," he adds.

Option's new ART ensures customers will benefit from a significantly improved performance when downloading large documents, files, emails, or browsing the internet due to optimised signalling which improves reception and reliability. Global coverage is also assured, enabling roaming customers to connect in virtually any country via UMTS Triband technology.

Orange will launch the iCON2 USB modem starting from early July in Spain and France, followed by Poland, UK, Switzerland, Romania, Slovakia, Netherlands and Belgium.

The GT 3G+ Triband data card will be available to Orange customers in Spain and France and the GT MAX data card will be available in Poland , Belgium, Slovakia and UK in a phased rollout starting from July.

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