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Siemens sets up GSM/EDGE mobile radio network for Telecom Amricas PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 June 2003


In Brazil, Siemens is setting up a GSM/EDGE mobile radio network for Telecom Amricas, a subsidiary of Amrica Mvil, one of the largest mobile operators in Latin America. The order was placed with the mobile communication group of Siemens AG and encompasses the GSM mobile network around the metropolis of So Paulo and other Brazilian states. In addition, EDGE is being installed: a transmission technology for data services with high capacity requirements. It is the third EDGE order for this Siemens Group.

Siemens mobile is delivering transmit and receive stations as well as microwave systems for the GSM1800 network of Telecom Amricas and is equipping them with EDGE technology. Based on the GSM standard, EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution) provides data transmission rates that are more than 40 times higher than GSM. This makes it possible to send videos, music clips, and photos via mobile devices; customers can also use interactive games and location-based services.

Telecom Amricas has GSM licenses for all the important regions of Brazil, including So Paulo, and has more than 6.2 million customers. In the metropolitan area of So Paulo alone, there are 18 million potential mobile device users. With more than 33 million customers in nine countries, the parent company Amrica Mvil, headquartered in Mexico, is the leading provider of mobile services in Latin America.

EDGE stands for Enhanced Data Rates for Global (instead of "Global", originally: GSM) Evolution, and is an expansion of GSM/GPRS. Based on the GSM standard, EDGE permits even faster data rates than GPRS so is another intermediate step for GSM technology toward UMTS. The performance enhancement for data throughput rates is achieved by employing a new, higher-grade modulation technique (8-PKS / Phase Shift Keying). Data rates of up to 472 kilobit per second can be achieved when this type of modulation is also used in conjunction with coding systems (as in the case of GPRS). Using EDGE, mobile operators are able to provide high-grade mobile data services even in regions as America with a lack of assigned dedicated spectrum for UMTS. EDGE is fully compatible and can effectively be deployed within the assigned spectrum.

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