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Top Global Launches the Worlds First 3G Kiosk Smart Router Enabling Rapid Deployment of Always Connected Kiosks PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Top Global's third generation (3G) Kiosk Router offers instant wireless broadband internet connectivity to Kiosks anywhere within cellular coverage. This universal Kiosk router is network, carrier, and technology agnostic and can link Kiosks to internet using ubiquitous cellular networks including CDMA 1x, EVDO, DOrA, EDGE, UMTS, and HSDPA. It's the world's first 3G Kiosk Router designed specifically for always connected Kiosks and self-service applications. Using the 3G Kiosk Smart Router, hundreds of Kiosks can get network connectivity overnight at lower cost than DSL or Cable and even in hard to reach locations.

Top Global, the global leader in mobile wireless convergence systems, launched the world's first 3G Kiosk Router enabling fast convenient deployment of always connected Kiosks to deliver strategic, marketing and technical business solutions in the self-service industry. Organizations utilizing self-service through interactive digital media, including kiosks, digital signage, self-checkout and other self-service technologies have been looking for a cost effective, scalable broadband networking solution, Top Global's 3G Kiosk Router is perfect fit. This compact, universal cellular router supports all 3G standards including EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA (both 1.8M and 3.6M peak speed), CDMA2000 1x, EVDO Rev.0 and Rev.A.(3.1M peak speed) available nationwide through Sprint, Verizon, Cingular and other mobile carriers. This 3G router is the first of its kind design specifically for Kiosks and self-service applications with intelligent software to automatically adapt to various cellular cards and mobile carrier's networks. It is easily scalable and can be rapidly deployed anywhere within cellular coverage across the country. Using the 3G Kiosk Smart Router, hundreds of Kiosks can get network connectivity overnight at lower cost than DSL or Cable and even in hard to reach locations. The Top Global 3G Kiosk Routers with booster antenna will be exhibited in Booth#547 and Booth# 510 and addition information can be found in

Key Features and Benefits of the 3G Kiosk Router:

  1. Short installation time - Businesses sometimes wait for weeks or months to get data circuits installed at new locations. Top Global's 3G Kiosk Router allow instant connectivity anywhere there is cellular coverage, and rapid deployment allows customers to quickly set up Kiosks with WAN connectivity.
  2. Flexible site selection for the Kiosks ? Fixed-line WAN connectivity is often terminated in the switch box, and not available in locations where the Kiosks are placed. Additional cost and wiring are required to extend the cable from the switch box or IT room to the Kiosk site. Kiosks can now be placed anywhere using Top Global's 3G Kiosk Router,
  3. Complementary National Cellular Coverage ?With separate 3G cellular infrastructures deployed across the nation by Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T/Cingular, any location with a low signal from one carrier may have a good coverage by another carrier. Top Global's universal 3G Kiosk Router works with all cellular Carrier's networks which allow the customer to select the carrier with the strongest coverage at each location to ensure the best quality of service.
  4. Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduced Cost - The 3G cellular data service plans are competitively priced with existing wire line services (ISDN, DSL, and cable). 3G solutions also allow customers to consolidate their service providers across large geographical areas instead of having service contracts with multiple local broadband service providers. This allows the customer to simplify billing by improve operational efficiency and negotiate better discounts to lower monthly cost.
  5. Network Resiliency -WAN connectivity is crucial to self-service business, any downtime means a lost of revenue. An always-on wireless backup connection to Kiosk provides protection against line outages with an additional level of redundancy as the 3G infrastructure is served by separate facilities, providing redundancy for the entire local loop.
  6. Portability- Kiosks with our 3G Kiosk Routers can be easily relocated wherever coverage is available.
  7. Proven Reliability and Performance ? With Top Global's patented Link Integrity, our 3G Kiosk Router can detect the cellular link is drop and automatically re-establish the network connection. The Kiosk Router leverage our patented MobileBridge platform which have been used by over 1000+ enterprise customers with provide reliability and performance.

"The introduction of 3G Kiosk Router once again demonstrated Top Global's leadership to deliver innovative products to address critical issues facing the rapid growing self-service industry", said Dr. Alan Zhen Zhou, President & CTO of Top Global, "The flexibility and scalability of our 3G Kiosk Router enables our customers to reduce cost, generate additional revenue, increase market share and profitability, strengthen their competitive edge by rapidly deploying and expanding their Kiosk footprints".

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