Thursday, 06 August 2009 
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The UMTS Forum's workplan is structured around our mission statement . Its objective is to ensure the market success of UMTS/3G systems globally via a programme of promotion and education. The UMTS Forum agrees its programme of work at the beginning of each year and details of the work were detailed in the Forum's annual report 2003 and directions for 2004. The workplan is updated after each GA and SG meeting with new projects within the framework as set out in the mission statement. The current status reflects changes and progress including decisions reached at SG46 and GA 32.

There are three work areas underpinned by a programme of promotion/marketing and public relations activity in support of this. The first area on the vision/future research concentrates on a further piece of work on the evolution from 2.5G to 3G, required as input to 3GPP and ITU. Included in this work are the service and application aspects afforded by the new technology, a theme for this year's programme. This is built on an earlier report published in 2002. A second piece of work was recently completed on the behavioural aspects of individuals and social groups, assessing the possible impact of the launch of new services and applications. This follows the successful publication in February 2003 of the Report "Social Shaping of UMTS".

The second area on spectrum studies and regulation addresses providing continuing guidance to ITU-R on harmonising spectrum for UMTS as well as spectrum calculation methodologies. Also recently completed are several longer term items on traffic studies for spectrum, as well as providing inputs to 3G license consultations around the world. New work also includes reviewing current utilisation studies on terrestrial and satellite for IMT-2000. Future work includes preparing plans for WRC2007.

The third area on the technical issues and implementation is currently very active with groups working on photo and video, user identity, interoperability and a study of benefits of mobile in society has recently been published.

All of this is underpinned by promotion and marketing communications with briefings to investors, analysts and the media. Following successful briefings last year, further events are scheduled during 2004 including Latin America, North America, Russia, China and south east Asia. The latter two are strengthened by close working relationships in the Region. All of these activities will be harmonised with the delivery to industry, the media and the financial community of positive information on UMTS/3G deployment.

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