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Huawei Dials World First Long-Distance WCDMA VoIP Call Based on 3GPP R4 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 April 2003

Huawei Technologies, a global supplier of telecom infrastructure, today announced that it has successfully made the global first R4-based long-distance VoIP call between Beijing and Shenzhen with its WCDMA gear.

On February 26, 2003, Huawei made the VoIP call experiment in its own WCDMA trial networks located in Shenzhen and Beijing, using its core network equipment that consist of an MSC Server and a Media Gateway (MGW) in its Shenzhen network and another MGW in its Beijing network.

Between the two cities far apart geographically, all of the voice and signaling traffic of WCDMA call are transported via IP-based Wide Area Network (WAN), and the connection speed and quality of voice service are quite satisfactory to a wide range of visitors from the industry and its customers during the demonstration period.

Leveraging soft-switch architecture, Huawei's 3G core network is capable of increasing service deployment efficiency by 300% for the whole network, thus reducing network OPEX by a large margin.

"We will continue to carry on our 3G experiment on condition of the high density traffic in order to test the QoS of the long-distance IP bearer,"said Mr. Chengdong Yu, Vice President of Huawei Technologies and Chief Director of the company's wireless products, "and we must get things done ahead of our customers to secure our preemptive launch of the VoIP technologies and applications. I'm happy that Huawei has made such a technology achievement of quickly delivering the state-of-the-art solutions for 3G."

Following the official release of its commercial 3G core network based on soft switch architecture in Dec. 2002, the VoIP experiment is a milestone event for Huawei's 3G launches, and a sign of teamwork efficiency among experts, engineers and executives of Huawei's global research networks.

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