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Nokia to participate in 3G expansion with J-PHONE in Japan PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 October 2002

Nokia has signed a contract with J-PHONE for the expansion of the company's WCDMA radio-access network (RAN) in Japan.

J-PHONE is currently in the process of finalizing the network for launching 3G services nationwide in December 2002. Additionally, J-PHONE is expanding the network with a project calling for additional base station sites to be implemented in 2003, making J-PHONE's network one of excellent national coverage.

In undertaking this initiative, J-PHONE has selected Nokia as a partner to supply network equipment and to provide installation, commissioning, integration and project management services for efficient network ramp-up. A wide range of care services, including spare parts management, and training will help to maintain the competitiveness of the network.

"J-PHONE has concluded that W-CDMA gives us the most global reach and offers the most cost-effective way of migrating our network in order to offer the capacity and services demanded by the market in Japan," says John Thompson, CTO, J-PHONE. "We are partnering with Nokia and other vendors to implement a new strategy based upon rapid deployment of cost-effective outdoor base stations, thus significantly reducing the investment required for 3G infrastructure, while accelerating the pace of rollout. J-PHONE intends to provide excellent nationwide coverage and services in order to offer our customers the option to migrate early to 3G."

"We are delighted at the vote of confidence given to 3G technology and to Nokia by J-PHONE with this major new contract," says Simon Beresford-Wylie, Vice President, Nokia Networks. "We are excited to be given the opportunity to expand our horizons in Japan and are gearing up our organization to serve J-Phone well in this expansion phase.

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