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  Monday, 12 May 2008 
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 Name Mobilkom Austria AG
 Grouping Operator

mobilkom austria was founded in 1996, and since then has remained Telekom Austria Groups most successful venture.
In the first half of the year 2002, mobilkom austria group counted 4 million customers and 3518 employees bringing in revenue of 906,9 million EUR. First half of 2002 also saw a considerable EBITDA increase to 351,4 million EUR. 

These numbers are due to our large number of high-value clients (business clients), who appreciate the innovative, high quality products offered by mobilkom austria, the leader in innovations and on the market.
Despite the tough competition in the Austrian mobile communications market, with its 42.8 % market-share the company has continued to grow in number of clients, turnover, profits and employees.

To ensure our enduring success well into the future, mobilkom austria puts the customers needs first. We want to understand our customers and offer them solutions that make a difference. As a result, mobilkom austria is profoundly aware of its responsibility toward the community, its customers, as well as its partners.

It is our goal to offer innovative services that give more time and quality to our customers lives.

But mobilkom austrias successes are not limited to Austria. mobilkom austria ,together with its subsidiaries VIPnet (Croatia), SI.MOBIL (Slovenia) and mobilkom [liechtenstein], has formed the mobilkom austria Group, which is now represented in four European markets.

Know-how transfer between these companies and markets allows the rapid development and implementation of all our products and services throughout the group.  mobilkom austria sees itself as a strong regional player, working to meet each markets specific local needs. With its nationwide network in Austria, mobilkom austria became the first provider worldwide to offer full GPRS coverage, putting us in an excellent position on a global level.

Altogether, the mobilkom austria Group has now crossed the 4 million-customer mark, with over 1.1 million customers being served outside of Austria.

These successes in Austria as well as in its current foreign markets form the foundation for promising opportunities for mobilkom austria in southeastern Europe, and secure the future of the only completely Austrian-owned mobile service provider.

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