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The Nokia 6650 WCDMA/GSM phone passes type approval tests in Europe and Japan


Shipments for operators to commence immediately

Nokia has today announced that it has passed all regulatory WCDMA and GSM type approval tests for the Nokia 6650 WCDMA/GSM dual mode mobile phone conforming to the requirements of European Union CE mark under the R&TTE directive. The Nokia 6650 has also received the type approval certificate from Japan concerning regulatory requirements tested by local official test authority TELEC. Passed type approval tests mean that the shipments can now begin to operators.

The Nokia 6650, introduced on 26 September in Helsinki, is the world's first 3GPP compliant WCDMA/GSM dual mode phone. Operators across the world will now start receiving the Nokia 6650 terminals for their network optimization and interoperability testing, preceeding the estimated commercial availability of the terminal in the first half of 2003.

"Commencing operator deliveries of the Nokia 6650 is yet another significant proof of the product's maturity and of the steady progress that we and the mobile industry are making towards commercial WCDMA networks and services. The Nokia 6650 features not only equal but even exceed the current GSM or GPRS devices in terms of functionality and performance," says Yrj Neuvo, Chief Technology Officer, Nokia Mobile Phones.

"WCDMA provides the most cost efficient wireless technology for high data throughput. It complements the ongoing efficiency increase in the existing GSM bands through an evolutionary path".

WCDMA technology has been adopted by 112 operators in 34 countries, including the existing GSM/GPRS/EDGE footprint, as well as in Korea and Japan. In the long run, this means that the variety of terminals and the number of available services will be best within the WCDMA/GSM standard, as manufacturers and operators will enjoy excellent economies of scale.

In the first phase, most WCDMA networks will be dimensioned for 128 kbps data rate, which is also the data rate of the Nokia 6650. This makes the Nokia 6650 already faster than any traditional landline telephone data connection available for a business traveller.

However, Nokia has already successfully tested 384 kbps data speed with the Nokia 6650 phone.