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mobilkom austria Identifies UMTS Pioneers: Male, Under 45, and On Six Business Trips a Year PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 November 2002

250,000 potential UMTS business customers prepare the way for the third generation of mobile communications - 69% of Austria's business customers use the A1 network - Since September 25th, 2002, the "mobile office of the future" is a reality.

At the presentation of the Tablet PC at Vienna's Hofburg today, mobilkom austria sketched a clear picture of those business users who will be the first to take advantage of new technologies such as UMTS and the Tablet PC. "Of our first expected customers, 83% will be men, the majority of them between the ages of 30 and 45," says Dr. Boris Nemsic, CEO of mobilkom austria and COO of Wireless Telekom Austria, referring to the social-demographic trend analysis. The survey was based on 3,000 interviews. The UMTS pioneer identified by mobilkom austria is generally an executive (41%), or a self-employed freelancer or sole proprietor (32%). What the pioneers have in common: They are geographically mobile, travel at home and abroad several times a year, three-quarters of them regularly have meetings with clients or partners, and the majority (81%) travel by car. They tend to be technologically very well equipped: 91% of UMTS pioneers use a Notebook, 71% use a WAP-capable terminal, and 30% use GPRS mobile phones. 10% are accustomed to accessing the Inter- or Intranet via GPRS. "That profile fits 250,000 potential UMTS business customers," according to Nemsic. The most important technological criterion for 72% of future UMTS users is being able to always be online. A close second is the use of location-based services, with 68%. A full 65% of those surveyed say they would like to be able to work when and where they want to.

"We are convinced that UMTS will soon be fundamentally influencing the working world," says Nemsic of the trend analysis, against the background of the introduction of Europe's first UMTS network in Austria. With a market share of 69% among business customers, mobilkom austria is intensely engaged with the modern work environment, to which new standards will soon apply thanks to modern communications technologies. "While in some sectors the traditional stationary job will certainly continue to exist, modern employees can definitely be thought of as "job-nomads", being able to perform their duties regardless of time and place. That will not only lead to flexibility and personal responsibility becoming standard elements of future job descriptions, it will also spur on the entire IT and telecom industry to create the necessary technical foundation," says Nemsic.

The mobile office is already a reality for mobilkom austria. With the UMTS network launch on September 25th, 2002, mobilkom austria has put exclusive services at the disposal of UMTS pioneers. Besides the Zeit Im Bild "Newsflash" created especially for UMTS by the ORF and Reuters Business TV for UMTS terminals, access to the Inter- and Intranet is possible at unheard of speeds through UMTS mobile phones. That makes checking e-mail easier and faster. Even attachments with large data volume and complex contents can be quickly displayed on the mobile phone. Live traffic reports and weather services will be following shortly.

"Already today, there are no creative limitations to the possibilities of the UMTS network. And not just in the business world," says Nemsic.

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